Doily Lampshade Makeover with a New Twist and Husband Approved

While I love shabby chic and admire upcycled lampshades dripping with pearls, studded with tattered fabric roses, and covered in doilies and lace, I know it won’t fly with hubby. (Just check Pinterest for lacy lampshades of all types.) In doing the next needed restoration, I wanted to try out a doily lampshade makeover – husband-approved. I certainly had no inclination to buy a new shade.


I also love lampshades stripped of all fabric, decorated around the edges and ribs with bits and bobs, but let’s face it, they’re impractical for real home use.


I’m the kind of gal that has a little of the romantic frou-frou gene, a little of the minimalist gene, a little of the rustic primitive gene, and a lot of the traditionalist gene. And I’m married to a guy who thrives on tradition…not an ounce of frou-frou lives in his body.


Enter the tattered lampshade… to get “the look” without looking like you’re getting the look?


doily lampshade makeover
Another tattered shade


If you remember, the last lampshade got a makeover using men’s ties….


Because this is going in our bedroom, where hubby and I will see it every night, I thought, “why not place doilies on the inside of the shade?” Would this work?


The Doily Lampshade Makeover


As you can see in the photo, only half the inner lining is shredded. I decided to tear the rest of it off for a more uniform look.

Selecting only 2 doilies out of my stash, I centered the doily on the inside of the shade right over the ribs, which are now exposed.

One of the doilies even had a minor stain, but doesn’t show.

Next I glued them on, using regular Elmer’s glue.

Dab the glue onto the most solid areas of the doily, then press onto shade.

I did not put the glue directly on the shade, and so far, it is adhering well.


doily lampshade makeover


Here is the final effect. I love it! Looking like a regular lampshade on the outside (when the lamp is off), it will satisfy the most non-frou-frou of hubbies, but delight the most shabby chic-loving, romantic, girly girls. It’s neutral and I don’t have to worry about colors clashing.


doily lampshade makeover
Lights on
doily lampshade makeover
Lights on Other Side
doily lampshade makeover
Lights off
doily lampshade makeover
Lights off Side View


I decided to use only two, but you could use as many doilies as you want.


This is a quick 30-minute project, depending entirely on how big your lampshade is and how many doilies you want to use.


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doily lampshade makeover

42 comments on Doily Lampshade Makeover with a New Twist and Husband Approved

  1. Florence this is a beautiful makeover and I can see why your husband approves of it. It is subtle frou-frou without being in your face. It looks lovely and adds interest in a subtle way and is a great way to repurpose those doilies. It has my stamp of approval too!

  2. OH WOW I love this, I have so many doily and old lamps I could do this. Thanks for the inspiration. My mom had so doilies she gave me and they have so much memories to them.

  3. It turned out good, Florence!
    Really pretty! A couple of years ago I did something similar. If you’d like to see it, I think the post is from 2015… I’ll go look it up. I took a bunch of doilies I’ve had for years and years, some from my trip to England in 2005, and lightly hot-glued them onto a shade. Turned out quite well, I thought.
    Here’s the link:

    Enjoy your “new” lampshade!!!
    Barb 🙂

  4. Florence, your lamp is so pretty. I love that you used vintage linens to redo the lamp shade. Thank you for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!

  5. Love it, Florence–it’s just as you describe–pleasing to both the masculine and feminine side in all of us 🙂 Thanks for linking it up with us at Vintage Charm–

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