Daring Blue Table

A daring blue table? Hang with me and I’ll tell you why. I bought this little side table for $5 about a year ago at a yard sale. Once I got out of the booth business, I didn’t plan on buying more furniture, but couldn’t resist such a good deal. I knew I could resell it at our church’s annual flea market.


Here is the before picture. It looks like only the top needs painting, but the paint on the bottom was slapped on, and it needed another coat. My perfectionist self wasn’t happy to leave as is.


daring blue table
Small Side Table


I decided on Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue chalk paint for the top. I have a lot of that at the moment. My husband hates blue, so out of deference to his preferences, I haven’t used much of it. His previous wife loved blue, decorated with blue furniture, and painted with blue. Understandably, he’s been burned out on blue ever since. Feeling a little daring, I used it anyway since I’m not planning on keeping the table. Here is the finished result! I like its soft soothing tones.


daring blue table
Side Table Makeover


daring blue table
Blue Side Table

I forgot to take pictures of my two previous attempts to decorate the top using a real doily as the stencil. Unfortunately, it was a nondescript hot mess…too much bleeding and not enough definition.


I finally settled on using a stencil I got a while ago from Michael’s. I really liked the application of it in one corner. Sanding over the image a little, I waxed with Annie Sloan’s clear wax. A little distressing of the edges finished the project.


My inspiration for this came from Keri at Repurposing Junkie who shows how she utterly transforms these curbside finds.


daring blue table
Stencil detail


You can also see the carryover of blue in the legs.


daring blue table
Leg Details

As far as my husband goes, the daring blue table was a success.

Gary: “I really like that little table.”

Me: “Oh yeah? Thought you didn’t like blue. It’s blue.”

Gary: “Well, I like that blue.”

Me: (only thinking to myself) Well, you didn’t like it before.

Who knew?

I’ll tell about that “before” in another post.


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Daring Blue Table


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30 comments on Daring Blue Table

  1. This little table is so pretty, the perfect side table for the inside or outside! Those colour tones are beautiful and the stencils add extra beautiful detail! I’m so happy you joined Sweet Inspiration to share this great project!

  2. I don’t know about your husband Florence but I really love the blue on this table. And the blue detail is also very nice and gives such definition to those legs.

  3. Hi Florence! I love your blue table; it looks so beautiful and I’m sure it’ll sell fast!! I’m honored that my curbside tables served as inspiration for your table. Thank you! 🙂 I’m glad your husband liked the table, it would be difficult for him not to like it even with the blue color 😉 It’s soooo beautiful!!

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  5. What a lovely makeover! The blue paired with the white is so fresh. And wow what a job with those details. Kudos!! I do hope you will join us at Friday’s Furniture Fix. The link to add furniture opens every Thursday night and closes Sunday night at midnight. But the the links can be viewed 24/7…..forever and ever.

  6. I love your table, Florence! I’m in the process of painting two dressers, one at home and one at our cottage. I love painting furniture and seeing our it transforms. I really love the stencil you applied to the top of it and the additional blue on the legs. Great job!

  7. You did a great job on the little table! I really love the blue and how it’s carried over to the legs. The stenciling in the corner is a nice touch. I have always love Keri makeovers she does beautiful work, and your little table turned out beautiful as well. I’m sure someone will snatch it up quickly at the church sale.

    Is the what looks like a little black on the edges some of the wax or did you add a little black paint?

    1. Thank you Linda! I appreciated your encouragement. Keri sure does beautiful work! The black you’re seeing is a bit of distressing on the corner.

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