Estate Sale Humdinger!

Recently I went to my first estate sale in 4 months…


I almost talked myself out of going because:

*I would be late

*I was tired

*All the good stuff would be gone

*Dr.’s orders: no stairs, and it’s almost a certainty there will be stairs when you’re in someone’s home.

*I’m vertical but don’t want to slow up other shoppers…


Have you ever been in line at an estate sale behind someone with a walker?? I’m thinking….lady, this isn’t the place for you to be!! Why are you even here?? OK, I wasn’t on a walker, but I didn’t want to be that frustrating person.


Perfect excuses, right?? RIGHT! Except I went anyway. And I was glad I did. It was an Estate Sale Humdinger! Yes, a lot of the advertised goodies were gone, but I found it refreshing for once not to be in such a hurry but to take my time looking more closely. Girls you know how we are at estate sales…scan the room, grab and run. I’m finally tired of all that. So if I miss the good stuff? I just don’t care that much.


Let me show you all the goodies I did find, and I was 3-1/2 hours late~

estate sale humdinger
Brass candlestick




I thought this was pretty cool. I’ve never seen a brass candlestick like this before. It was one of my favorite finds and is in my Etsy shop now as a “Mid Century Modern Minimalist Brass Candlestick.”



A set of 8 vintage picnic plate holders. These turned into a sunny yellow from harvest gold after a good cleaning with soap and water. Unfortunately, a smoker had lived in the house, but most of the stuff I bought won’t be affected.


At one time, I wouldn’t have given these a second look, but I’ve found that the straw/wicker picnic plate holders sell for me, so these should too…hopefully. 8 for $1 was a price I could live with.


estate sale humdinger
Vintage Picnic Plate Holders



Several of these are first editions, and most were in the basement, where there was little smoke smell.


estate sale humdinger
Stack of Books



I love these two. The one on the left is a vintage 1933 Delta Upsilon Book of Songs. Delta Upsilon is still an active fraternity today. It’s in the Etsy shop.



estate sale humdinger
Two Faves


Vintage perfume bottle and a little alabaster bird~



estate sale humdinger



Silverplate trivet. I don’t see markings, but they may be buried underneath all the tarnish.


estate sale humdinger
Expanding Silverplate Trivet
Estate sale humdinger
Expanding Silverplate Trivet











I rather like this for only $2. Not a thing wrong with it. Prices were cheap for an estate sale on the first day.

estate sale humdinger


Vintage round sewing basket in my Etsy shop now.

estate sale humdinger
Vintage Sewing Basket


estate sale humdinger
Folding Wooden Christmas Sleigh




These are so pretty and sealed in plastic, so no smoke smell!



estate sale humdinger
Floral Placemats



There were about 4-5 packs of these mixed silverplate and stainless pieces of flatware…great for crafting….wish I’d bought more than one. Can be found in my Etsy shop.




estate sale humdinger
Mismatched Silverplate


These old ornate globes are hard to resist when the price is right. I usually see them anywhere from $10-20 at estate sales on the first day. At $4/ea, these were a great bargain.


estate sale humdinger


estate sale humdinger



And here’s a vintage kitchen gadget of some kind. I’ve never seen it before. Does anyone know what it is?


estate sale humdinger


estate sale humdinger



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24 comments on Estate Sale Humdinger!

    1. That sounds reasonable too Sharon. So far I have a gadget to squeeze lemons. Probably either one would work. I love the globes too…just have to figure out what exactly to do with them!

  1. I’ve been waiting for you to write this post! Couldn’t wait to see what I missed. I don’t believe I saw the MCM candlestick or the paper plate holders. If I had, those things might not have been there for you. 😉 I’ll try to discipline myself today to get a post out about the few things I bought.

    1. Yes I thought so too Melissa! When I had a booth, I repurposed one into a hanging birdfeeder/birdbath, but if they don’t sell, I’ll have to figure out what to do with them. They were such a good price though, I couldn’t pass them up!

    1. Thanks Cecilia! I think I’m going to dawdle more often now & not get my panties in such a wad about getting there when it opens. I love the light globes too!

  2. I like Cecilia’s dawdle comment! I’m definitely a dawdler. I don’t like to get to estate sales until after the “line people” are gone. I’m always amazed at what’s still there. And then second guess myself that if it’s still there then maybe it’s not that good of a deal 🙂 Love that pink light shade thingie! I wish those would fit modern light fixtures!

    1. Me too! I always think, “well, if it’s still here, it must not be worth much.” Thought it was just me! Ha! I wish the light fixtures would fit the modern ones too. In fact, the guy taking my money asked me if I was planning on using them. Said no, “I’m going to sell them.”

  3. I’m so glad you’re able to get out and about a bit now, Florence. I’ve started going to estate and garage sales later than usual and don’t feel like it’s really affected my buying–I’m still finding the stuff! Glad you did too 🙂 Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm–

  4. My childhood bedroom had some cool vintage light globes similar to what you found. Looking back now, that house had so many great features, including interior glass door knobs. At the time, none of this impressed me. Now I love all things vintage, including lots of your wonderful finds.

  5. Florence, I don’t like to go to estate sales on the first and definitely not when they first open. I like to remind myself that there will always be good stuff to find, if not there then somewhere else. You got some great stuff! I really like the perfume bottle and silver trivet.

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