DIY Funky Junk Mobile Art

I’ve been mulling over a hanging mobile idea quite a while….just needed a little motivation to get going! ย And I’m so glad for the incentive to finally create what I call my “DIY Funky Junk Mobile Art”!


And this month my incentive was the Craft Room Destash Challenge! Every month, a group of bloggers challenge each other to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies! Check out some awesome creations you might be able to make from your own stash!



We are allowed up to $10 for necessary supplies to complete it. Luckily, this cheapskate didn’t need to spend anything more! I’ve been hoarding collecting all these bits of junk while waiting for inspiration to hit in how to use them.

ย craft-room-destash-challenge

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It’s a Mobile, but not a Mobile. It’s Mobile “Art”


Everything came from estate sales or trash. At least one is “mystery junk,” which I’ll show you further down.


I created a mobile, but it’s not the traditional kind that makes pleasing tinkling noises when the wind blows. My mobile is more “art” to display junky pieces of flotsam and use up a few beads.


Here is a mere fraction of my bead stash. I bought these and more from a yard sale a few years ago. I planned to sell them in my Etsy shop, but I found they were pretty ordinary, so I decided to use them instead. This is a great way because it makes the mobile so much prettier and more interesting.




I found out a long time ago that beading and jewelry-making were not my thing at all! Ha! Too tedious. I wouldn’t have been able to complete this project without the jeweler’s loop below that fits around the head. This is great for other close work like threading the needle on a sewing machine!


My first husband worked at a jewelry shop and got this for me. I’m so glad to have it! He died some years ago…I wrote a post on how I managed to survive that very hard time in my life.15 Ways to Survive Widowhood.



Creating the Mobile~


For this fun project I used what I had on hand:


parts of an old mobile that fell apart

junk from a vintage telephone I took apart a while back

small junky pieces I’ve picked up at estate sales

metal rabies dog tags I found in the trash behind the vet’s office when I was looking for boxes

vintage skeleton keys

more modern keys

an old hinge thingy


I’m not sure what the iron “S” that’s supporting all this junk came from. It was a freebie at a yard sale.


You would think I could have picked up that piece of paper!


Working with the “S” was a bit of a balancing challenge. First it had to balance horizontally in order to be relatively level while hanging in the air. I did that using lots of fishing line tied at various points around it.


Then it had to be balanced as I started hanging the beaded junk. After I got everything on, it evened out. I really love the look of the randomly strung beads!


We are enjoying it now on our covered porch.


The Finished “Art”





And Dusk….




Just a close-up….


The Parts of the Mobile “Art”~




Here are a few close close-ups of some of the more unusual pieces of junk, if you’re interested.


These are bits of the old mobile. I started to throw it away a while back. I’m glad I saved it.




A brass mystery item from an estate sale…anyone have a clue what it is? The long tube part is hollow.




Brass Shoe Ashtray from India…




Green bell-shaped rabies tag…




The next three are parts from the old telephone we found at an estate sale. It didn’t work, so I took it apart to see what was in it.










And finally, an old door hinge thingy~




I guess it goes to show you….you can make “art” out of just about anything!


I guess it goes to show can make 'art' out of just about anything!Click To Tweet


I have a few more mobile art projects up my sleeve, so stay tuned!


And now, don’t forget to visit the awesome craft projects from the other talented bloggers!


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DIY Funky Junk Mobile Art
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46 comments on DIY Funky Junk Mobile Art

  1. I love your junk mobile. Recently I joined that same destash group on FB but didn’t get a post ready in time this month but working on something for August.

  2. The long tubes look like parts of another wind chime that came apart. I save all of the parts from wind chimes that break or the string rots or whatever and some of them are that long or longer. I am kind of a wind chime/mobile junkie – we live in the boonies so the noise I love can’t bother anybody else. We have really hard wind and some of them can’t withstand it – so I already have some that are partially remade – you have inspired me to add some beads and things. We have 5 dogs and I always save their expired rabies tags – and I have a million beads. Thanks for sharing all of the pics!!

    1. Thank you Carol! I’m glad I’ve inspired you! I hope you’ll share some of your creations with me when you complete them. I would love to see them. I love the sound of the wind chimes too, but for this project, the way the “S” was shaped didn’t lend itself well to a wind chime. I like how it turned out anyway. I plan to make some other actual chimes. I can’t believe neighbors would be annoyed by the sound, but I guess anything is possible in this day and age. I love dogs! What kind do you have?

  3. Florence, I think your mobile is fabulous! I love the interesting vintage rusty objects you’ve used. It’s a piece of art that one would gaze at for a long time checking out each object and wondering what it’s intended purpose used to be. Pinning and sharing

    1. Thank you Marie! Appreciate your comment! I’m going to be looking for more interesting objects at estate sales from now on because I had so much fun putting this together. You’re right, I do enjoy gazing at it! Thanks for the shares & pins too!

  4. I absolutely love how this came together! Our little dogs never wear their rabies tags. When cleaning out the desk drawer with all the vet files, I found quite a few of those. Thank goodness I never throw away anything! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now I have a great idea for them! Thank you!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thank you so much Marci! I used to throw the old rabies tags away, but now I wish I had some red ones. Of course, I can always paint a few & probably will do that. You should see how many of these I have! Probably over 500! Since they’re bell shapes, I’m trying to think of a Christmas craft. So far I haven’t seen many repurposes on Pinterest either. You’re like me….I don’t throw much away either! We’re kindred spirits!

  5. Great way to destash and make art at the same time. The S is part of a wrought iron porch support and the brass mystery item may be part of a musical instrument. So much fun to look at each individual item. It could be a party game!

    1. Ah, I felt that the S had something to do with the porch, but knew it was too heavy to be part of one of those vintage aluminum doors that used to have designs in them. Glad you recognized it Donna. That other piece does look like it could be part of a musical instrument now that you mention it. Talking about a party game, I thought next time, I’d make it into a guessing game, perhaps. Thank you for your thoughtful comments!

  6. Florence! I love it! I am not good at throwing things away and projects like yours teach me that it’s not a problem of mine, it’s a blessing. I can give things a second chance by making art from them.

    1. Thank you Habiba! I don’t throw much away except when I do a major purge LOL. I’ve been holding onto these bits for awhile. Thank you for the encouraging comments!!

  7. Great job Florence and I really love that “S” shaped piece of metal you used as the base of the mobile. See even when you keep things and don’t sell them you still find ways to use them around the house and enjoy them. And that piece of paper adds DIY cred to your work.

    1. Thanks Mary! I had a chuckle from your comment! Actually I figured out that the piece of paper is masking tape holding all the fishing line together…haha…a necessary bit! I forgot it was there.

  8. I love this, it looks like something you’d find at a high end boutique or at Anthropoligie! What a fantastic way to use your craft items, it makes me want to look for little odds and ends now to try to make my own. How fun!

    1. Thank you Molly!! High praise! Just like Anthropologie! Wow. Glad I’ve encouraged you to look for little items! I’ve got lots of those! Especially the rabies tags. I had fun putting it all together & I’m pleased with how it turned out.

  9. Hee hee Florence I have those exact same glasses that I use when I paint my miniatures. You’ll have to do a video of you wearing them with one of your awesome hats one day ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love how your mobile turned out, they’re always so much fun to make and a great idea for a craft destash

    1. Great idea Michelle! Wearing the glasses with the hat would make me look seriously goofy, but I don’t mind. Thanks for the kind comments! I’m enjoying the end result of the mobile!

  10. That is so cool Florence! Looks like you do have a great collect, and variety of beads. I have a ton of beads too. When I started making jewelry I started out beading. That really wasn’t my cup of tea, but I do love working with wire and other materials.
    I have been wanting to make some yard art, windchime, but as far as it goes is, I found a piece of wood I want to use. Your pretty windchime reminds me I need to get with it.

    1. Thank you Linda! I encourage you to go for it, but us DIY’ers always have projects to do, right? Sounds like you & I found out beading wasn’t our thing…LOL.

  11. Wow! I love how you brought all these little parts and pieces together to create a pretty work of art for your outdoor space. What a creative project — especially the unexpected little metal items that once served other purposes — it’s fascinating.
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

    1. Carol, thank you! I enjoyed this little trash-to-treasure “experiment.” I was so pleased with how it turned out. Thank you for your comment & dropping in!

  12. How pretty, Florence! You’ve done a great job with that stash! And I have to say that I think you underestimate yourself in the jewelry-making department. You created that mobile in a very similar fashion to how I make vintage jewelry! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  13. Florence, this junk mobile is awesome!!! I love seeing random objects put together to create a cohesive look. The beads give it a fun touch and the s shaped piece was the perfect foundation for your mobile. This is fantastic!!

    1. Thank you Keri! Once I started, I was amazed at how all that came together b/c I really didn’t know how to do it at first. I love it now & enjoy looking at it every day!

  14. Hi Florence, what a clever idea and it turned out so pretty, I love what you used on the ends. I used to make jewelry alot and have so many beads and odds and ends I could make one too, if I get the ambition. But you have inspired me.
    Thank you for sharing on #OMHGFF this week.
    Come again soon and often.
    Have a great week!

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