A Vintage Birdcage Makes a Beautiful Easter or Spring Centerpiece

I discovered a vintage birdcage makes a beautiful Easter or Spring centerpiece and I couldn’t wait to show it to you!! I’ve talked about the day I found the birdcage, and I know it’s not that old, but I still liked it and it was cheap at $4. My first birdcage, grody and full of rust! My heart sang all the way home from the estate sale. Even though it was desperately in need of a makeover. I’d never tackled a birdcage, but how hard could it be?


a vintage birdcage makes a beautiful easter or spring centerpiece

Turning a Vintage Birdcage into a Fun Spring Centerpiece


Cleaning it as best as I could, and sanding the rust didn’t make much of a dent. I needed to cover it with a blocker, so I used Rust Oleum Hammered Aluminum spray. It gave excellent coverage, and I was tempted to leave it, but sadly, it wasn’t the look I was going for. You can see how it looks below. All nice and industrial. B-O-R-I-N-G….



a vintage birdcage makes a beautiful easter or spring centerpiece
Birdcage tray treated with hammered aluminum spray paint



After spray painting the bulk of the cage white, WHAT to paint the bottom and the tray???? PINK! Love it!! Felt I was going out on a limb (it’s a pun) to paint the aluminum bottom and tray pink, (who does THAT??) but love me some shabby chic!


a vintage birdcage makes a beautiful easter or spring centerpiece


Yes mam, it’s painted pink all the way up to the little swing and perches! But what’s that on the bottom of the tray??


a vintage birdcage makes a beautiful easter or spring centerpiece


Why it’s an image transfer from The Graphics Fairy! A birds’ nest! What could be more appropriate? Karen has it all kinds of lovely vintage images..check out her site if you haven’t already.


Easter Vintage Birdcage Masterpiece



What ELSE can I do to doll this up? Ideas are spinning….well, it’s pink, and Easter’s coming…an Easter arrangement would be perfect! You know… birdcage means birds…and birds mean nests…and eggs…and Spring….and nature…and woodlands. Off to the thrift store to find all that stuff.


NOT! I suppose you know about Murphy’s Law? When you’re looking for it, you can’t find a darn thing. BUT! I did find a little birdhouse that used to be a Christmas ornament until it lost its little string. EXPENSIVE at 99¢ but beggars can’t be choosers.


a vintage birdcage makes a beautiful easter or spring centerpiece



And this sweet little 99¢ rabbit is a simple napkin ring.


a vintage birdcage makes a beautiful easter or spring centerpiece


I already had a white bird, and the little nest of eggs came with a plant that died, so my woodland Easter arrangement was taking shape with the addition of these two.


a vintage birdcage makes a beautiful easter or spring centerpiece


Since my thrift store trip was a bit of a disappointment, I hauled myself down to Hobby Lobby where everything Easter-y was 40% off. I scored colorful egg ornaments and another sweet little rabbit.


a vintage birdcage makes a beautiful easter or spring centerpiece


Plants! The birdcage must have plants. My vision was a longish pot with already established blooming flowers, but sadly, my local nursery hadn’t caught that vision. They only had individual potted annuals in the ugly plastic pots. So on to Plan B. My birdcage could take 2 plants, but not that much room for my birdies, nest, rabbits and things.


Improvise! I have lots of styrofoam blocks. I placed them in front of the pots and covered with sphagnum moss, and now there’s a place for my rabbit! And I had the brilliant idea to hang colored egg ornaments from the top! When you want to use it as a Spring arrangement, just remove the hanging eggs.




a vintage birdcage makes a beautiful easter or spring centerpiece
You can see it best in natural light against all the new Spring greenery outside


Now I just love looking at this! I’m enjoying it every day. Perhaps I’ve given you some inspiration if you ever run across an old birdcage. But you’ll have to beat me to it. I’m already looking for birdcage #2. Soon I’ll have to break down my lovely arrangement and put the plants in pots for the season.


a vintage birdcage makes a beautiful easter or spring centerpiece
This is how I enjoy seeing it every day on our table!


How do you like my Easter/Spring birdcage centerpiece?

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46 comments on A Vintage Birdcage Makes a Beautiful Easter or Spring Centerpiece

  1. Florence my jaw dropped when I saw the final result. This is a stunning vignette. I think the addition of the greenery adds so much and contrasts nicely with the pastels. I love the pink details that you chose to add and the color of the birdcage. I cannot say enough about this. You have truly inspired me!

  2. Thank you for your inspiration! I LOVE the pink. I found a wonderful antique bird cage with a stand which was not original but still works great to hang the cage from. It has old muddy green paint. I usually try to work with things left as I found them, but this is just too much uggie green. I may have to stop at the hardware store and get some rustoleum spray paint and spring this lovely cage up. I also have 2 newish sweet cages to fru fru. I salvaged a huge squirrel nest that wound up in the yard during hurricane Matthew. It is too big for these cages but looks great on my large coffee table.

    1. Wow, I’ve never seen a squirrel’s nest! Sounds pretty awesome if you’re displaying it on your table….should be pretty interesting, & sounds like you have your work cut out for you with all those birdcages you’ve got! I’m on the lookout for another one now. I like to leave things original too, but this was needing something bad. Envious that you found an antique birdcage with a stand too!!!!

  3. The difference between the rusty, crusty (icky) base to the beautiful soothing pale pink is amazing! I think somewhere in my garage I have a bird cage. Must go dig it out now! I love your birdcage vignette!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love that blush pink! What a stunning transformation! Birdcages are one of my favorite decor elements. You did a fantastic job with it. I can’t wait to try one myself. Pinned!

  5. Florence, I love, love the white and pink combination you gave the birdcage! What a lovely vignette you made with those cute bunnies and flowers and eggs. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for a birdcage this summer when shopping garage sales. This is such a clever idea Florence, thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. So cute…and I remembered I have an old birdcage and its stand in storage!! So I think I will copy your idea but put in on the stand on our front porch. I also paint things funny colors. I have a bike and I paint it a different color each spring. People, say, why did you paint it pink? Because I like it and it is different. This year it will be green along with some painted green pots. Just love your site!!

    1. Thank you Sharon!! Glad you are enjoying the site! Your bike sounds so fun! That’s really ambitious to paint it every Spring, but it probably needs it if it sits outside. Glad you like the birdcage….it’s been so much fun putting all that together! You are welcome to put your spin on it.

  7. It turned out super cute Florence! I have a few birdcages and they are so fun to play with. I love how you painted it pink. I love rust and always leave them in their found stage, but this is super cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC. You will be featured tomorrow.

    1. Thank you Carol! Yes I will find a lot of uses for it! It’s one of those things I’ll have a hard time selling in my Etsy shop, so for now it’s a keeper. Thanks for dropping in!

  8. What a wonderful transformation! Love the Easter Bird Cage I am so behind in blogging and Easter projects, Thanks for inspiration.

  9. Florence,
    Your birdcage turned out really sweet! Love the pink, too. <3 I pinned a few photos to my Garden Projects and Decorating pages. Glad you are enjoying seeing it in your home ~ I love that when something we create makes us smile! 🙂
    Happy Friday and have a great weekend,
    Barb 🙂

  10. Florence, your centerpiece is so charming and I love that you used a vintage birdcage to make it. Thank you for sharing it.

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