Yard Sale Dance

I call my weekend yard and estate sales the “Yard Sale Dance.”

Yard Sale Dance
The Dance

Why? Some dancing is frantic, some slower, much akin to what yard sales are like. I get up on weekends at the crack of dawn, do a last minute check on Craig’s List, and off we go, trying to be the one who gets there first.



But, no exciting finds this yard sale dance weekend. 🙁 I had a whole list of places to go, but not much to find. In fact, I found more at the place I expected to find zilch, which just goes to show…you can’t ever tell unless you go there. Those that sound great are often duds, and the other way around.

You can see the picnic plate holders and basket. Next to that is a cute wire basket in/out mail organizer, already in my Etsy shop (and already sold), but the real focal point is the lovely crewel picture! Need to restrain myself more on buying those because they are slow sellers, but couldn’t resist this one! And it’s already sold!

Friday we drove out kind of far afield because there wasn’t much around here. Found a basket with some wicker paper plate holders in it. BOR—ING, but guess I should be glad because they’ve already sold. Debating about what to do with the basket to make it cuter. I mean, it’s OK, just not terribly exciting.


Found 3 newer vintage suitcases for $8, which was a good price.

yard sale dance
Vintage Suitcases

The estate sale had a TON of new cross stitch kits, but I thought they were too high. Seems to me they should price more reasonably the first day to attract anyone that might want them because cross stitch is really out right now. The kits that were even one degree cuter were even more. Pity…they didn’t consult me.

Saturday was only a little better even though we drove around a lot. We are really enjoying our new Garmin GPS. The “cheapskate” does not buy the newest techy gadgets, so we have been dragging our feet a long time before getting one. Did I mention hubby is a “cheapskate” too, so we are well-matched. He believes in reading maps. Now Garmins are practically obsolete because everyone is using their phones. But that’s OK. We always get there.

There’s always another weekend for the “yard sale dance”!

Ideas for the slat basket?


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    1. Thanks Lora! Yes, they were a great price! I was surprised because everything else at that sale was sky-high. I love vintage suitcases too, and always grab them when I see them (if they are priced right, that is.)

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