Yard and Estate Sale Types

Yard and Estate Sale Types of people you usually see??? These 10 eccentric personalities are easily recognizable to one who is observant:

Harry and Hilly Haggler~These are the ones that are forever asking you “what is your best price?” when you’ve stayed up half the night pricing everything at that magic number already.

Yard and Estate sale types

Barrie Basket~She’s the one “innocently” browsing with a gigantic tote bag or basket over her arm, which effectively blocks other shoppers from not only passing her, but getting in her space while she’s looking.

Ian & Ima-Lil Intense~These are the ones who make a beeline for their main interest in the house, and it doesn’t matter who’s in their way. They’ll even go so far as to ask you to get OUT of their way if you happen to be obstructing their view.

Ollie Obnoxious~Ollie is everyone’s favorite person at estate sales. He’s never heard of “no bargaining on the first day.” He will harass you into the ground with “oh come on, come on” hoping you will give in and let him have that nice boat or car he has his eye on.

Dave Dayahead~Dave is the one who has done a little research, found your phone number on the internet, and either calls non-stop for hours or shows up at your doorstep because he “can’t come the next day.”

Yard & estate sale types
Just waiting to get in….

Edgar Eager~Edgar and his cousin Nate are the early birds that come 2 hours ahead of time hoping to get in first.

Nate Knocker~Nate knocks on your door 2 hours early if he thinks that will help him get in earlier.

Greta Grabber~Greta just basically grabs everything in sight to keep anyone else from getting it.

Wally Watt~Wally is the one who comes and isn’t totally satisfied with watt you’ve got laid out. He wants to know watt else you have, like “any old watches, old cameras, any old guns?”

Sally Cell~Sally is the one who comes to a dead stop while she checks her cell phone, or she’s checking to see how many of what she’s looking at are on ebay already.

Yard and estate sale types
Girl with Cell Phone Checking Ebay/Etsy

Do we recognize ourselves here??? *Gulp* (Ahem…just call me Hilly.) Let’s hope not! What or who else have I missed??







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  1. I’d be Edgar Eager. (Usually only an hour early, though.) But I’m perfectly content waiting. The one who annoys me the most when we’re conducting a sale is Ollie Obnoxious. If I were bigger, I’d be more forceful in telling him to stuff it. LOL

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