When Hickory Nuts Fall

When hickory nuts fall, Autumn has arrived! At least in my neck of the woods. Our hickory trees drop their nuts thickly. We gather the nuts in buckets and throw them away so they don’t trip us up, interfere with lawn mowing, or take root. The nut in the photo is still a little immature because I cheated and pulled it off the tree. This is sorta the way I feel about Fall too. Summer is waning, but not quite gone. I’m anticipating Fall, but it’s not ready to arrive yet. And the leaves won’t be fully off the trees until after Thanksgiving.

when hickory nuts fall
The Lowly Hickory Nut


Here’s my last Summer arrangement that I can’t bear to break down yet~


when hickory nuts fall
The Last of Summer



So I’m finally into a little Fall decorating around here. I’ve seen so many of your lovely Fall porches that I got inspired and created a few looks of my own.


The pineapple cutting board is one of many I have, but don’t use anymore. The pottery vases I’ve had a long time and enjoy decorating with when they aren’t buried under a ton of yard sale stuff waiting to be listed. The books I got at an estate sale, and the old farmhouse kettle was gathering dust on top of my kitchen cabinets. The gourds and pumpkin are realistic specimens from Dollar Tree. The plant is real and called “Creeping Jenny.”


when hickory nuts fall
Fall Vignette


Here’s my Fall porch decor~


The wooden wheelbarrow was gathering dust and cobwebs in the garage. I bought it at a yard sale a good while back, and it suffered from dirt and a broken wheel. Thanks to hubby’s expertise, he did a few repairs, and it’s as good as new. I’ve had the shutter a while and brought it out after slapping some paint on it. I just bought the watering can at an estate sale this weekend…more on that in another post. I was ready for some white mums, and there you have it…just a simple arrangement.


when hickory nuts fall
Simple Fall Arrangement



Do you like it? Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!



when hickory nuts fall

33 comments on When Hickory Nuts Fall

  1. One of the perks of being a dealer. You always have something hanging around to work with! Those are pretty. Love that little wheelbarrow!

    I always dread to see summer leave us. Probably stems from having to go back to school as a kid. I love spring, summer and fall weather, but summer is special.

    1. So funny how we’re all different. I always dread seeing Summer arrive mainly b/c of the heat. I guess Winter is my favorite season. You’re right about always having something on hand to work with when you’re a dealer. Yes the wheelbarrow looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

  2. I can’t believe you throw the hickory nuts away. I went to a country school. Three rooms, eight grades (no kindergarten then). We would scour the school grounds looking for the nuts. A few whacks with a rock and we had a snack. Good memories. The school building is still there, don’t know about the trees. Love the wheelbarrow.

    1. Thanks Cecilia…much appreciated! You know, I was looking around here wondering what I had that was “farmhouse,” and I spied that kettle on top of my cabinets. I should have been using that long ago! It’s so deliciously vintage. And I love the look of creeping jenny.

  3. Gorgeous Vignette! I love your little wheelbarrow! I haven’t heard of hickory nuts before but that’s probably because I’m in Australia! They sound very interesting!!

    Thank you so much for sharing over at Waste Not Wednesday!

  4. I’ve never lived where there’s been any trees growing with nuts on them, at least not on our properties. I would think you could use them in your fall decorating. We’ve been at our cottage and we’ll be returning back home at weeks end and then I can start decorating for fall. But I just had to turn our AC on today because summer has made another appearance. I’m really looking forward to autumn, just not what comes after it.

    1. Well I SHOULD use them in Fall decorating! I never thought of it…we always just want to clear them out of the yard before they make trees…LOL. I’ve even seen people sell acorns on Etsy, so maybe hickory nuts too! Where’s your cottage Carol? My hubby’s brother had his at Burt Lake, but it’s sold now. They always went up every summer. It sounds delightful though (yours).

  5. The little wheelbarrow turned out great! Isn’t it nice to have a handy man around the house? 🙂 I love gifts from nature. I would gather a bucket full of hickory nuts and display them in one of my hurricanes. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. Florence that wheel barrow is just adorable. I’ve never seen such a pretty wheel barrow. It’s a good thing your husband fixed it. There is so much you can do with it. Happy fall!

  7. Every year I’d go out into the woods with my father and we’d pick up baskets full of hickory nuts and beechnuts. We’d let them dry all winter and the get to crackin’. Lovely post, Florence. Your sweet little wheelbarrow is just darling 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with Vintage Charm–

    1. You know, I don’t think of eating them so much ’cause I’m too lazy to dig out the meats, but they are good. Maybe it’s easier when you let them dry out. The squirrels sure like them though. Thank you for coming by & commenting Diana. I enjoy Vintage Charm!

    1. Thank you Angie! Our garden center didn’t have too many left (creeping jenny), but they are so pretty & dainty. I’m trying to find a place around here where it doesn’t get too much sun.

    1. Well, the photo might be deceiving…it is showing the immature outer shell. Not too immature, though, because they started falling off the tree only a week after I wrote this. The inner shell might be more recognizable perhaps. Yes they are edible. Digging the nut meats out is the hard part…rather tedious due to the convoluted shape of the shell. They taste good though.

  8. I love your summer vignette with the pretty layers and flowers, and even more your fall one. Old books go wth everything don’t they? Lucky you to have lots of items to choose from to make the season’s decor:) Pretty!

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