Urge to Purge 1

Christmas is over. January is usually a home improvement project so I think “urge to purge 1” qualifies, don’t you? I’m joining blogging friend Brenda Kula-Pruitt from CozyLittleHouse and we’re all purging our excess stuff together. Mine will result in a gigantic yard sale later in the year.


First job to tackle is the Master closet, but I’m not going to show you that till next week. This week is the Linen closet. I was so anxious to start I forgot the before pix. It didn’t look bad, but it was driving me crazy anyway.


How only 2 people can accumulate so many towels is beyond me. A lot of the sheet sets had to go too because once we got a mattress with deep corners, the shallow pocket sheets had to go.


I debated saving the sheets for sewing projects, but the object here is to get RID of…not keep more stuff. Besides, I haven’t sat down at that sewing machine for at least 2 years.


urge to purge 1
linen closet top shelf straightened & purged


urge to purge 1
shelf #2


You see, we live in an open floor plan house, which is great in some ways because it’s trendy, and it makes small rooms look bigger. But the downside is, there’s not many walls or closets. So your wall and closet space is at a premium. 


Therefore, we needed our heads examined, when we trained our Alvie to go to bed at night in the linen closet.

urge to purge 1


The only time of day he gets a cat treat, he looks forward to going beddy-bye. He is one hairy cat that sheds like crazy, and he has not only totally ruined one blanket, but made the largest section of the precious closet totally unusable. But he is so darn cute & we love him to death so I guess anything for Alvie. Might as well make it official. I had a brainstorm to put the bed in just in case he might like it better.


urge to purge 1
cat bed in linen closet


And I want you to know I made a special trip to Wal-Mart (hate going to Wal-Mart) to get the little bed for the dog, but now it’s Alvie’s. What can I say…we’re nuts over the cat.


We found Alvie in Tennessee when we visited the Alvin C. York historic site and cemetery. A screeching little kitten running up to anybody and everybody. We promptly adopted the starving little thing and named him for Alvin C. York…Alvie for short. We name all our animals for where we get them.


The sum total of the purge: 3 queen sheet sets, 1 plastic tablecloth, 2 single sheets and pillowcase, 3 bath towels, 8 hand towels, 13 wash cloths to Goodwill.


Do you have the urge to purge in the new year?


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16 comments on Urge to Purge 1

  1. I bet that feels good to have the closet all cleaned up! I have a Goodwill pile going out in the garage that I need to take to them. Mine is from all over the house. I always keep a bag or box somewhere that I throw stuff in that needs to go to Goodwill instead of putting it away to donate later.


    PS. Alvie is adorable!!

    1. Thanks Tania! Yes we adore the Alvie cat. Yes it feels great to clean out. I always have a pile going in my garage, but by the time it gets to me donating it, the item isn’t worth much…LOL.

  2. YES!! I’m joining in with the urge to purge this year. Brenda has inspired me also. I took a huge trunk load to the Habitat yesterday but so so much more to go. Some of my collections will be downsized and sold, other items saved for the Church rummage sale in May. Most donated! Waiting for the cold and snow to come this way today, a good day to clean some more.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been waiting all day for snow, but we didn’t get it. Darn, I wanted some. Down here in Alabama, we rarely see it. Sounds like you got some great purging done. Do you sell online? I ought to keep some of mine for the garage sale, but I’m in the donating mindset right now.

  3. Awwww…. precious kitty! How lucky he’s your owner. 😀 And starting in a small area is good. Don’t get discouraged right away.

    I’m getting psyched to start the big clean out. We’ll be moving to the Auburn/Opelika area as soon as we can sell this house, but before we can even put it for sale, there’s months of work and clean out to do.

    1. Gee, hate to hear you’re moving Wanda. Like we live near each other, but still. I would like to see some of your clean out stuff. As time gets closer to moving, good stuff gets tossed…LOL. Yeah, I’m going to keep at this purging thing. Trouble is, some things I don’t want to work on, but must. Oh well…

  4. I am a bit proponent of purging and do it often. I don’t know how we end up with so much stuff when I keep getting rid of bags and bags! The kitty is adorable and well trained at that! 😉

  5. It always feels good to get things organized and closets can be the worst offenders because of the out of sight out of mind thing. Good for you for getting started. I did a huge purge last year and it was such fun once I got going. In a small way it’s a constant thing for me because I’m buying stuff to sell, and I don’t keep things that don’t sell around for too long. I sometimes end up donating stuff back to the thrift store where I found it.

    1. Yes it feels great to be organized…just wish it would stay that way. I always have good intentions, but it’s a constant struggle, especially living with someone else. I hate to get rid of the stuff that won’t sell. If it won’t go after several renewals, then I garage sale it. Good for you in not keeping it around long!

  6. Yes. I have the urge to purge. I have a week’s worth waiting in the garage to be loaded and off to Goodwill. The big snow storm kept me from going yesterday. It was the big snow storm that wasn’t. So first thing Monday off to GW I go.

  7. Florence, I enjoy decluttering the house too, especially to make room for all the stuff I’ll bring home from garage sales, haha. It sounds like you’re well on your way to a great purging. I bet your Alvie loves his bed!

    1. He likes it pretty well, but he liked all the blankets in there better! I didn’t like that though! Time to make him change! Yes, you got me pegged…got to make room for more garage sale stuff…haha!

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