Unique Patriotic Door Sign that No One Else Has

This is the evolution of a unique Patriotic door sign that no one else has! It’s certainly true that I find holiday-related items at thrift stores well before or after the actual holiday. I found this in February at my favorite thrift store for $2.99.


July 4th was a long way off. It’s a wonder I bought it…I hated the color, and I didn’t like the middle portion at all. Give me bright red, white, and blue!! The only thing I liked about it was the raised metal swirly designs on the ends. I planned to repurpose it into my version, whatever that was.


I asked the hubby to put eye screws along the bottom edge. I’m afraid I’m pretty hopeless with tools like drills, saws and things. He helps me a lot, but I’m the one that comes up with the ideas. Some are good; and some….well, you know….I envy those DIY bloggers who are so adept at all those power tools! Me and a saw? Well, let’s just say, I’m scared I would end up in the ER with a bloody hand and a missing finger.


I remember a few years ago, hubby warned me matter-of-factly that our big power saw didn’t have a safety. I expressed concern over his using such an old machine. “Oh, you have to know what you’re doing,” he said glibly. Shortly after, I came home from an errand, only to find the-hubby-who-can-fix-anything, and who knows how to use all our power tools was desperately nursing a nearly severed thumb. The doc in the ER had to sew it to the the fingernail because there was very little left to sew it to. Did I mention that he passes out easily? Did I mention that he passes out when I’m having my blood drawn? This was a real experience I can tell you! All that to say, you can see why I’m a little nervous about saws.




As I said, I hated the middle part. Nice sentiment, but it looked faded, and “manufactured,” if that makes sense. I would have liked to remove it, but I couldn’t see a way to do it without tearing up the sign completely. I had to come up with another idea.


Down to the basement to experiment with paint. “We’ll just paint over it,” I said to myself. Scrounging around my paint stash, I triumphantly emerged with bright red paint. Trying to tone down the blue with a little white dry brush, I highlighted the metal swirly designs too. A good start. Then I began with red in the middle. It should have worked, but I didn’t like it.


OK, change gears. I scrounged around and found some really blue, blue. More like a really bright royal blue…not my first choice on shade, but it would have to do. This cheapskate will make it work!





Meanwhile I carried out the rest of the plan. I thought it would be cute to hang red and blue pallet wood from the sign. I had the chain, the eye screws, the pallet wood, and the paint. I planned to stencil star shapes on the pallet and paint them white.


I laboriously painted the stars, and a new message over the solid blue in the middle. I was afraid of clashing blues, but I think it’s OK. If it is, too bad….it doesn’t bother me. Here is the finished result hanging on our front door. I love it, even though it bangs around when you go in and out the door. A small price to pay for a unique Patriotic door sign that no one else has!




How do you like it?





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30 comments on Unique Patriotic Door Sign that No One Else Has

  1. Cute! It had good bones to start with, but I agree. That middle part? Yuck! You did well with the change. And I never would have thought of adding the hanging down parts.

  2. Ouchie Florence, I’m glad the doctor found a fingernail to attach the hubbies finger back. That would have frightened the living daylights out of me and I love using power tools. Your patriotic sign does look great now though and it’s such a lovely idea to add the little stars on the bottom. Hope you have a beautiful 4th of July

  3. This is really cute Florence and like no other that I’ve seen before. That frame is very pretty with loads of character but adding the stars on the bottom really makes it festive.

    1. Oh yes, this was several years ago…the mishap with the thumb. He’s fine now. Thanks for the encouraging comments about the sign! Glad I’ve inspired you Marci!

  4. Oh I love the new look, and how you added the pallet wood with the stars!
    I’m glad the doctor was able to sew the hubby’s thumb back up.
    I still work with power tools, but not as much as I use too. As I get older I’m more leery of them, so sometimes I get the hubby to help.

  5. I don’t know which I enjoyed more-seeing the finished sign or reading about your process. You always entertain! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle, Florence. Your sign looks great. Pinning to my patriotic board.

  6. Florence, it turned out great! I really like unique decor items, and this is definitely one that no one else will have! The frame looks like denim, with the white dry brushing over it. Really cool effect. And I don’t use the big power tools either, leave it to Bruce. I can see why you are wary of that saw, your husband’s accident would scare me too. Wow!

    1. Thanks Nikki! I never thought of it, but I guess it does look like denim. It was a fun project after all, considering how much I didn’t like it’s original condition.

  7. Florence, it sounds like a scary situation with your husband and the saw. I hope he healed up well. I cut my hand on the table saw once and now I won’t go near it. I don’t mind the miter saw because it seems safer to me. Anyway, I love how you repurposed the patriotic sign! The dangling star signs on the bottom is a fantastic touch! Great repurpose Florence!!

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