Two Vintage Estate Sales Contrasted

Two Vintage Estate sales contrasted…another fascinating trek. Went to 3 estate sales and 1 yard sale. Drove nearly 100 miles and this is ALL we found today!

Two Vintage Estate Sales contrasted
Latest Estate Sale Finds

Not complaining though. The third and last house we went to was in a location called “Leeds.” The house was PACKED with vintage items of all kinds. Photos below only show a fraction in a small area of the house.

People were dropping $100 bills…no sweat! “Cheapskate” spent a total of $22! Because it was the first day, things were much higher, but a place to get plenty of vintage!! So much in one place.

My favorite finds~Favorites yes, but I was annoyed when the estate sale person priced the tin on the right DOUBLE because it had a few little sewing doo-dads in it, NOT like gobs of old buttons, NOT like vintage crochet trim…I’m talking a mixture of bobby pins, a few ho-hum buttons, rubber bands…you know…worthless junk! And I got charged double! Should have put it back, should have put it down, should have dumped out the contents…blah, blah, blah….but I didn’t. Kicking myself, but doggone it, I liked the tin.

two vintage estate sales contrasted
Vintage Cookbooks

Always love it when I can find a couple of vintage cookbooks! And not that easy to find usually. These are from the 40’s & the 60’s.

two vintage estate sales contrasted
Vintage Christmas Lights

Two Vintage Estate Sales Contrasted

The Christmas candoliers came from a different estate sale run by the family, and was one of the few affordable things there. There are usually 2 types of estate sales~those run by the Professionals, and those run by families.

Family -run sales are of 2 types…those where they want things to MOVE, and everything is priced cheap. The other is where, they are hoping to rake in the dough by pricing high. This was of the latter type.

Family has obviously checked Ebay for sold prices, then they price that way. The problem…they are pricing at the upper end of where a dealer has to sell to make a profit, BUT dealers can’t buy for that. So the family prices so far out of the ballpark, no one buys.

I saw a table filled with vintage safety razors for which they were asking $35/each! Waaay over-priced! Which is why all the razors were still sitting there. If you want to sell your vintage items, you have to leave a little wiggle room so the dealers can make a profit. Just my little nugget of wisdom…

Not a bad day at all…now there’s still tomorrow!

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  1. That was a cute tin. Too bad it didn’t have a gold tooth in it! I found one in a sewing machine drawer once. ( A blog post in the making.)

    1. A tin or a tooth?? Haha, I know which one you mean! A gold tooth would have made that tin a little more worth it for the price I stupidly paid cuz I wanted it.

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