Top Yard Sale Buys to Flip

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Top Yard Sale Buys to flip
Irresistible Yard Sale Goodies

Top yard sale buys to flip…we all want to know what to look for when we are on the hunt! I thought this topic might be interesting to vintage sellers, or wannabes as I’m always keen on finding out what works for the other guy. I see different recommendations , so these may work for some, and vice versa. Most of us tend to be mum about this subject. If you were to ask that question on an Ebay forum, you would get a verbal tongue lashing! And even now, when outsiders ask me what I sell, I tend to be vague. Plain and simple we don’t want the competition!

Keep in mind, though, that most of these below items take a while to sell. It’s most unusual for items to fly out the door, but it does happen occasionally.

There are hundreds of vintage sellers on Etsy, but there’s a niche for every one because we all carry one-of-a-kind. So here are just a few top yard sale buys to flip for resale on Ebay or Etsy. My advice is anything you got….try it!


I mainly deal in smaller items that are easier to ship, but when I had a booth, I always looked for smaller furniture items like shelves, racks, smaller bookshelves, desks, or chests to attract those buyers looking to furnish dorm rooms or apartments.

What about yours? Leave a comment!


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  1. I just found out about the mesh shelves last year. There’s no telling how many I’ve passed up through the years. Now that I’m watching for them, they’re scarce. LOL

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