Tiny Estate Sale

I went to a “Tiny Estate Sale” this weekend, a most interesting visit, having been given clearance by my doctor to begin moving around more. I’m quite certain he didn’t mean I was to go to THREE estate sales!

It was in a small historic house in Bluff Park (Alabama), set off from the road, and obscured by a grove of large trees. Having grown up just down the street, I was intrigued, and had it on my “must” list.

Bluff Park, a suburb of Hoover Alabama, is an area with a fascinating history. Originally a resort community in 1910, people from town vacationed on the mountain to enjoy cool breezes. An old hotel, boarding house, log cabins, and huge boulders lined the crest of the mountain. Descendants of the first families still survive, and if you look hard, you can see traces of the old life. A handful of log cabins remain, but sadly the old hotel burned in the 1920’s. The tiny estate sale house was built from a Sear’s plan to be a Superintendent’s Home, located across the street from what is now called “The Children’s Fresh Air Farm.” Pictures below show the quaint interior…a charming doll house…

The Tiny Estate Sale
The Tiny Estate Sale
Old Closet


The Tiny Estate Sale
Kitchen Cupboard

The old cottage is a DIYers dream!

Here are a few of my finds from the tiny estate sale~

The Tiny Estate sale
Finds from the Tiny House

I came twice…once to shop; then back later to take photos. Of course, I had to shop again!

The Tiny Estate Sale
2nd Batch of Finds

Now that mirror looks pretty cruddy. It’s actually a picture frame…forgotten on the floor, propped up on the wall in that dark dank closet. Rusty with silvering issues, but I have plans for it when my knee is healed. Stay tuned.

About fifty years ago as I was digging for a new flower bed with my mother, my fingers closed on something hard and round. In wonderment, I rubbed off the caked dirt to find an old locket. It looked like gold and there was a tiny diamond still in place! Remembering the couples who must have once strolled here, I wonder who lost this precious locket so many years ago. Were they sorry? Did they look for it frantically? I’ve treasured it all these years, and it has become a symbol of Bluff Park, the nostalgic place of my roots.


The Tiny Estate Sale
Antique locket


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13 comments on Tiny Estate Sale

  1. I would have loved to go to that sale just to see the house. I love the historic district of Bluff Park. Wish there was more left.

    Your locket and the story behind it! Did you ever do the research to see who might have lived there in that time period?

    1. It was quite a quaint house, and really tiny! Wish I’d gotten there sooner, but I couldn’t have handled myself very well with a cane & holding stuff! Bluff Park does have a wonderful unique history.

    2. Wanda, I think I remember reading who once owned that property, but I’ve never done any research on the family. Hmm, now that you’ve mentioned it, I think I will poke around a little

  2. I be in heaven if i was there! I love a good estate sale. I miss them since I moved to the South from New York.. When I go visit my sister in Upstate New York. I go nuts junking and fill up my car!

    1. Maria, if you’re in the South, surely you have estate sales…LOL! We have ’em every weekend all year round! Where do you live now? Thanks for your comment! Lovely picture you have on G+.

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