I’m Swimming in Frogs!

I know you are waiting with bated breath to find out why I’m swimming in frogs…

If you read my last post, “Vintage Picker Off Limits Home Tour,” you may remember I’ve spent the entire summer sitting on my duff and NOT going to any yard sales, estate sales, or thrift stores. YES, I’m stir crazy!

A friend moved this weekend and there was an estate sale. Plans were hatched to send my better half in my stead. He sorta knows what I want, but sometimes I wonder. Off he went the first day. He returned with 4 frogs, a brass paper clip, and a picture frame. I was a little disappointed. “You went the first day and got there roughly when it started, and this is all????” OK, I didn’t say it…I thought it.

Still, I liked what he brought home….


First Day Finds


This frog is adorable and vintage from 1995. I also love the brass paper clip. Both are in my Etsy shop. Frog is here. And the Brass Paper Clip is here. (Froggie is sold.)



I really love this guy!! Isn’t he unique? He is a bit big and heavy to ship, but never mind…I want him!

Nine Frogs Richer
Frog Musician



Gary scored this too, and it is a lucky find~a Panetta brooch. Panetta is highly collectible and of fine quality.

Nine Frogs Richer




Second Day Finds


I don’t go the second day as a rule, but my good friend was going. She shopped the half-price day for me while staying in touch by phone. (Is that a good friend, or what???) I had a ball “shopping” and out of that I culled:


nine frogs richer
Estate sale haul



A wooden chest…quite heavy and big

nine frogs richer
Wooden chest



Ginormous box of fabric scraps (not shown)

Small box of yarn scraps (not shown)


Nine Frogs Richer
Old Bible

Large metal tray from England and              the picture frame from the first day.

Nine Frogs Richer
Tray and Frame












An Occupied Japan figurine, modeled after the famous German Hummel figurines.



Cup and saucer from England





A small enamel teapot

swimming in frogs
Enamel teapot

Aren’t you surprised this doesn’t have a frog on it?? I know I am….





swimming in frogs
Frogs Frogs Frogs


swimming in frogs
Frog Candle Holder


This guy reminds me of “Alice in Wonderland.” Did that story have frogs? 

Here is another favorite….that face! Isn’t he cute? He is actually a bank…the coins go into his mouth, and this fella is made in Japan….


nine frogs richer
Frog Bank



I never associated my friend with frogs…but now you know why I’m swimming in frogs, and it’s a good thing because I was fresh out.



swimming in frogs
Swimming in Frogs


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16 comments on I’m Swimming in Frogs!

  1. I’ll say you are swimming in frogs. I’m sure they will make you happy!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. What a sweet husband and friend you have, Florence 🙂 Love everyone of your frogs, but especially the little orange one and the very last one with the great oogly eyes. Thanks so much for linking up with Vintage Charm!

  3. I am a frog lover, Florence!! I actually went to check out that first cutie, reclined and reading, but he was sold! I guess I’m not the only one who had a little crush on him! 😉

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