Show and Tell Yard Sale Finds

Show and tell yard sale finds and thrift store scores with a mix of good stuff and junk…

Show and TellYard Sale Finds


The first stops were thrift stores. I visit one place often for their good prices; the other was disappointing…too far away and too expensive. The below items were from there. I paid too much for the cherub ($7), but it’s OK if it’s for you, right??


She is tired with the green finish and I think she is begging for white!


I sell vintage purses in my Etsy shop so the red bag was a nice find.

Below are finds from the favorite thrift store~


Vintage trash cans were good sellers when I had a booth. I will probably paint this one white.


What do you think about that large Tupperware canister? It was the makeshift liner.


Leave the canister in or find something else? Paint or not?


I’m sure someone would repurpose this as a light fixture, but I’m not crafty that way!


I visited our local Habitat ReStore and found this for $3~


I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, other than paint. It’s a metal bin with 3 compartments and a handle on top.

show and tell yard sale finds
Metal Bin

I don’t ship items this big, so it won’t go on Etsy. I might use it for organization in my office area.


I would love to hear some ideas!


Saturday’s sales were the real finds. One was in a depressed area so off the beaten path that few pickers had found it! Score! I love it when I can beat the other guys there.





Vintage silverplate~this is the heavy, old stuff…not made in China. I’ve already done some polishing on the tray, but I may not get obsessive about it like I usually do. Silverplate trays sell well for me, but I’ve not tried any tarnished ones.



Don’t you love these vintage estate jewelry pieces! I especially love the price at $1 each! I don’t deal in jewelry because I don’t know much about it, not being a jewelry person myself, and I can’t get close to the table at estate sales! Too many crowds! What do you think?

These are all destined for my Etsy shop.


My favorite find is this~black wooden frame with a tin insert…$3.

Should I paint this? Leave as is? I can’t decide…

show and tell yard sale finds
Vintage Roman Picture


We went to a couple of other places too. The next finds were this cute pine beadboard wall shelf for $1~

show and tell yard sale finds
Pine Beadboard Wall Shelf




This will go to my Etsy shop. It’s perfect as is and doesn’t need anything done to it.








The last finds of the day were these~

Have you ever seen a vintage Bates List Finder? These were popular address books in the ’50s. They are extremely hard to find and sell very well IF you can find one not filled out. The refills are also hard to find, but Ebay has a few. I bought this hoping my spare odd-size refill, would be right, but NOT….maybe I’ll run into one sometime…


The photo on the right is an embroidered table runner…quite pretty even though it has some stains.


Does anyone have a good formula for getting out stains?


Hopefully the earring holder will sell on Etsy.


That’s it for this week! What do you think?



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Show and TellYard Sale Finds

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As an experienced online seller for 19 years, I've just begun to reveal some of my selling secrets. In my Vintage Finds posts, I show what I buy for resale, and sell for. Because many items are vintage and need TLC, I show these DIY's, and how I refurbish to sell. I love picking, junking, thrifting, and shabby chic style.

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  1. Looks like some really good deals! I’m sitting here watching the girls watch TV while everyone else is out, wishing I could go to some of the great thrift stores in the area, but not counting on it. I was lucky to get to wash my hair today. Your post has made me even more antsy. Sigh.

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