Incredible Thrift Store Haul

What happens when you’re a little dry, a little blue, and a little bored? And you got lots of stuff to do, but don’t want to do it? And you need some inspiration and a little change of scene?? And your hubby is having surgery in a few days, and you better get out now while you can?You head to the thrift store!! Or at least I do anyway. Trekking to the thrift store just about cures all ills. Junkers, am I right?

Doily Lampshade Makeover with a New Twist and Husband Approved

doily lampshade makeover

While I love shabby chic and admire upcycled lampshades dripping with pearls, studded with tattered fabric roses, and covered in doilies and lace, I knew it wouldn’t fly with my hubby. Just check Pinterest for lacy lampshades if you don’t know what I’m talking about. In doing the next needed restoration, I wanted to try out a doily lampshade makeover – husband-approved. Something where I was getting the look without looking like I was getting the look.

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