Out of Jail Thrift Store Hauls

Pickerlog #4


Out of Jail Thrift Store Hauls


Anyone following my blog lately knows I’ve been laid up this summer recovering from broken bones, so I haven’t been out at all, much less visited yard sales, estate sales, or thrift stores. My doctor released me to do anything I wanted provided I didn’t overdo because one bone still needs healing. So I’m OUT OF JAIL! FINALLY! Anyone who thinks sitting in a chair 24/7 is fun….huh…you just try it. Not fun!


I have 3 favorite thrift stores in town, so I went to all of those in the last couple of weeks. The Foundry Superthrift in Midfield, The Salvation Army in Hoover, and Lovelady’s in Irondale…for those followers who are local. I have a very favorite Salvation Army over near Booneville, Mississippi when hubby and I are camping nearby.


When I’m thrifting or yard saling, I’m looking for smalls that I can resell online and ship easily. Furniture? Nah, I don’t buy it unless it’s an irresistible deal. Just need to resist the irresistible since I don’t have a booth! I’m running over with furniture at home. Maybe I SHOULD consider a small booth in the future! Many projects wait in the wings. In fact, You DO want a tour of my basement, don’t you???


thrift store hauls
Thrift store Haul #1


I love these Vintage Office wooden in/out trays. This one has a sticker for Globe-Wernicke, the maker of high quality furniture and office supplies. It’s available right now in my Etsy shop.


thrift store hauls
Globe-Wernicke In/Out Tray


Here is a vintage vanity tray that was incredibly dirty. All it needed was a good cleaning, and it’s already sold!


thrift store hauls
Vintage Vanity Tray


thrift store hauls
Wooden Napkin S&P Holder


I will be giving the napkin holder a paint makeover when I decide what color. In the meantime, I hope you recognize the Beatles! I bought these a while back from Kimmy at “Scrambled Pegs” on Etsy. She can paint anything you want on a wooden peg. https://www.etsy.com/shop/scrambledpegs/ Read all about my “Hottest Yard Sale Buy” to hear my Beatles’ story.


Here is a darling cross stitch picture in my shop right now. I find that these sell for me, especially if they’re cute and colorful. All it needed was a new brown paper backing, which was an easy fix. I saw several nice cross stitch pictures at the thrift store, but they were a bit pricey. This wasn’t priced at all. I took it to check-out & told the cashier I would buy it if he gave me a good price….50 cents! An unbeatable buy!


thrift store hauls
Cross stitch picture



This was the week for finding picture frames. I usually combine several vintage gold frames in a lot to sell. These are in my Etsy shop now.


I found the larger double frame at the 2nd thrift store visit. I don’t see these very often, and I’ve never sold one, so hopefully it will go easily with the smaller ones.

thrift store hauls
Vintage Double Frame



This next piece is an interesting item. I grabbed it because it was silverplate and looked unusual. I figured it as a condiment server of some kind. With a little research, I found out what it is. Does anyone recognize it before I tell all?


Awww, I’m going to tell you anyway….it is a Victorian Pickle Castor. The tongs would have hooked onto the side piece. Unfortunately, the glass jars to hold the pickles are missing. I may have a hard time selling this unless I run across duplicates, or someone catches my vision of using it for something else. It is marked “EG Webster & Bro.”


thrift store hauls

thrift store hauls


The last store visited is a favorite. I picked up these lovely finds~


This is not vintage, but I always grab these when I see them. They sell well for me, and this will be even prettier when given a makeover with white paint. Looks like wood, but made of heavy plastic.

Thrift Store Hauls
Mail Organizer

















I’ll probably try selling these as a pair since they are complementary. They meet the criteria…cute and the price was right at around $2/each. I’m not crazy about the frame color. I might paint them white if these don’t go as is.



thrift store hauls
Complementary picture
Thrift Store Hauls
Cross Stitch Pictures

























A primitive rustic recipe box, in my Etsy shop now~


This is one of the things I always grab if I see them, if you remember from this post~Top Ten Things I Look for in Yard Sales


thrift store hauls
Rustic Wooden Recipe Box


Vintage Bacon Press is cast iron~



Lastly a vintage suitcase. It was really the interior that sold me on this…so clean! I think I might paint the exterior, and possibly decoupage it. What do you think?


All in all some good thrift store hauls…my OUT OF JAIL thrift store hauls! So glad to be out!


What do you think? What about the vintage suitcase treatment?



thrift store hauls













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27 comments on Out of Jail Thrift Store Hauls

  1. I’m thrilled that you’re out and about, finally! Being laid up for a knee replacement was bad enough for me. I saw something, somewhere (if I could only remember), someone took a vintage suitcase and made it look like a real old vintage suitcase with the stripes. I can’t remember if they painted it or decoupaged it, but I think the outside of yours would be awesome with anything you decide to do with it.

    1. Great, thanks for the encouragement Carol! It is sooo ugly now, at least on the outside. I like your idea! So you’ve had a knee replacement? Oh brother, I have too, and it was the pits. Ugh! Hope I don’t have to have the other one done.

  2. Well I’m glad you finally got out of that chair (jail) and got your junk yard fix! lol! I can imagine how NOT fun that was being laid up. Hope you continue to heal well!! You found some fun things. I have had that bacon press for years. Thanks for sharing with SYC. I’m sure it’s not intentional, but I’m not seeing a link back to the party.

  3. I received an identical suitcase as an eighth grade graduation gift in the late 60’s. Hahaha. Now I’m vintage too 🙂 I found a fabric treatment on Pinterest that I intend to try with mine…mod flower fabric on the outside with the original binding around the edges remaining untouched.

    1. You still have that suitcase from the 8th grade? Wow, I’m impressed. You sound like me who now doesn’t throw much away. If I’m tempted to throw something away, it either goes in a box for a garage sale, or it goes to Goodwill. I like your idea with the suitcase tho. I assume you will mod podge the fabric on?

      1. This is the “inspiration” tutorial that I have in mind: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/274860383479501088/ I plan to use flower power fabric to stay in line with the time period of the suitcase. I hang onto the family “heirlooms” as they have sentimental value plus practical usage. I am currently storing the important vintage and antique baby clothing in them for the next generation of little ones. Why spend money on a plastic tote when I have an awesome vintage suitcase already in my possession? This is how I justify not getting rid of anything 🙂 Hahahaha… Love your blog!

        1. Oh I see what you are saying, and I love how they’ve turned out with the fabric! You are a kindred spirit with saving those “heirlooms.” I do too. Glad you enjoy the blog!

  4. So glad you are feeling better. It must have been torture to not be able to get out and shop. All of your finds are great. I’m heading to our local goodwill today to look for a nice frame to make a fall wreath.I hope I’m as lucky as you were.

  5. I am guessing that silver 2 piece condiment server was for mustard and ketchup. Love the cross stitch pictures. I used to do counted cross stitch when it was so popular, and still have some unfinished projects here that I really should complete.
    Glad you are out of jail!

    1. That’s what I figured too Ellen, or maybe for pickles or relish, but the glasses are supposed to be there. I wish I’d known what it was myself before I bought it. I even went back over there to see if there was anything at the thrift store that looked like the glasses, but nothing.

  6. First off I am glad you are finally out of jail. It must have felt great to be out and about. You found some great items. My favorites are the recipe box and the wooden in/out tray. But the cross stitch pictures are cute.

  7. Floerence, finally out of jail. And you did great for your first haul. You know as soon as I saw the Beatles I instantly recognized them. I sent the pic to my beatle fan daughter. haha. I really like what you came back with, frames always sell well and it’s so easy to spruce them up. I can’t wait to see what you do with the suitcase. I had decoupaged a huge trunk a few months ago and it turned out great. Go for it!!

    1. Thanks Mary! Are you talking about the metal suitcase you did? That turned out great! Oh no, now I know it wasn’t b/c you didn’t do decoupage on your recent one. I would like to see your decoupaged trunk. Is it on your blog?

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