Mystery Items What Is It 2

Another installment of mystery Items what is it 2. If you’re new here, I publish a mystery item post from time to time when I’m stumped and need answers. In my last mystery post, these three items were up for identification and the general consensus was:


Yellow clown bottles were a promotional circus item originally holding candy…


mystery items what is it 2



This little pile of lead is melted bullets, and/or pie weights….



mystery items what is it 2
Lead pellets


And this is a punch tool for making loop rugs….


mystery items what is it 2
mystery craft tool


…and if you have a burning desire to possess any one of these lovelies, just check out my Etsy shop now!


I carry vintage items in my shop, Surprise, surprise! Betcha couldn’t tell! (wink wink) I go to yard sales, estate sales and thrift stores every week.


I found the mystery items at an estate sale several years ago. Bought without having a clue what they were, but figured it would be easy to find out. WRONG! They must be relatively rare because in 4 years, I STILL don’t know what they are. And ya gotta know what something is called to sell it. You can’t just call it “little white china thingies.”


Case in point:


A couple of years ago, I had the below item for sale in my Etsy shop.


It wouldn’t sell. It was dainty and pretty, porcelain, obviously old, not a thing wrong with it and something very appealing. But it wouldn’t sell…and it wouldn’t sell. Like for a year it wouldn’t sell. I couldn’t understand it.


I called it an “Egg Strainer.” It looked like an egg strainer to me. And I thought it was lovely.


One day some kind soul pointed out that it was probably a tea strainer instead. Oh! (head slap). Of course! I changed the title to “tea strainer,” and it sold within a week.


mystery items what is it 2


So you see you gotta know what something is called to sell it.


You can do descriptive searches on Etsy or Ebay and often find what you are looking for, but THIS was a little hard for me. How to describe it…”cup with lid that has holes in it”? Well, frankly I never tried.


It was an egg strainer.


OK, you ready to see the mystery item yet??? I’ve probably blathered on long enough.


Here it is! What in the world is it??


It is helpfully marked “Belleek Willets.” Willets Belleek is an older form of the Irish-made porcelain. Supposedly more valuable. 2″T x 2.5″W


mystery items what is it 2

mystery items what is it 2



If anyone knows, please enlighten me!




22 comments on Mystery Items What Is It 2

    1. Egg cups…I really don’t think so. I believe they would topple over judging from the narrowness of the bottom. If they didn’t topple, they would be unsteady for sure. Thanks for the comment though!

  1. Those *are* odd, aren’t they? They look flowerpot-y to me. They definitely look like they’re missing something. Like the saucer. Or maybe they’re some type of epergne or candle cup. They just look like they fit into something to me.

    Good to see you Friday!

    1. Yes I think they are missing something too…like they’re part of something else, but I don’t have a clue what yet.
      Good to see you too Wanda! I appreciate the tip on the estate sale. Gary & I both enjoyed it, & I’m happy with what I got. Hope you got some things & hope you weren’t too pooped. Would love to know (just curious) what was left over.

    1. Hot dog! I believe you have the answer K.B.!!! You know, I heard tell some time ago that they might be teacup liners, but I was visualizing them sitting in a china cup, which didn’t make sense to me. THIS makes sense! Holy moly, I would never have thought of this. Wish I had the rest that goes with it!

  2. Could they be egg cups? Just a guess.

  3. Whatever it is it is lovely! Could it have been part of something else? It looks like it might be missing a base. Maybe part of one of those round dishes where you put chips and dip. The dip would go in those bowls.

  4. Oh I wish you had the rest of the set but still they are very pretty! I’m glad K.B. had the answer. This is such a fun series Florence!

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