Mystery Items #3 Revealed

If you remember the post from a few days ago…..Mystery Items #3 for you to identify. I purposely decided to hide the comments from everyone. Today I’m reporting on the results!


Mystery Items Revealed~


The real question became~


~whether #1 was a napkin holder, or both were a vintage desk set. And what was that thing on the right.


mystery items #3 revealed

The Votes~




Thing on the left:

Napkin holder: 3 votes

Envelope holder: 5 votes

“The thing on the right”:

Cookbook holder: 5 votes

Memo Pad holder: 5 votes

There were several “don’t knows” and miscellaneous guesses.

mystery items 3 revealed


So I conducted a little test~

The thing on the left is holding the smallest napkins I have….beverage napkins, but the scale looks a bit off to me.

The thing on the right cannot begin to hold that cookbook up. It would fall over if it didn’t have the back.


mystery items 3 revealed


Whereas here are the envelopes and memo pad….


a better scale, yes?

Several people told me the memo pad holder should lie on its back, so maybe it’s for loose note paper.


mystery items 3 revealed
Not sure whether it lies on its back or upright…


And as for the funny looking tools?


mystery items 3 revealed
Rosette iron


Just about everybody either knew what they were called, or how they were used.


The flower-like one is a “Rosette Cookie Iron” or “Timbale Set.” The purpose was to dip into batter, then fry in hot oil, and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Sounds pretty good, huh? Kind of like the stuff you used to eat at the fair, and came home with a tummy-ache (or at least I did.)


So why is all this so important anyway? Who cares?


Well, I do. Because when you sell online like I do, you have to know what it’s called before you can sell it. Before I came here to ask you guys, I probably would have called this a napkin holder, but I didn’t know what to call the other thing. Finding the first two items in a kitchen really threw me off. So there you have it….mystery solved.

Until the next mystery comes along…..

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10 comments on Mystery Items #3 Revealed

  1. Rosette! Yes! The name just would not come to me.

    The desk set probably came with a note pad the perfect size. Of course, it never looks right once that perfect size pad of paper is used. LOL I bet the previous owners wrote notes and paid their bills in the kitchen. Or, of course could have been left in there by a shopper who changed their mind about buying it. I prefer the first idea. It’s more personal and much sweeter. 😉

    1. Oh yes, don’t you know the original set probably had a matching note pad…LOL, & the perfect size like you said. You’re right….a previous shopper could have left it in the kitchen.

  2. Hey Florence, the only thing I would say about the first items is that yes, the bigger holder looks right for putting letters you received, while the smaller version looks like it holds calling cards or business cards. I have one that size and that is what it was for.

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