My First Jewelry Box Makeover and Indulging my Secret Passion

Welcome to my first jewelry box makeover! (You have to read all the way to the end to find out about indulging my secret passion!) I know jewelry box makeovers are not new, but hang with me, would ya? As I’ve watched, drooled, and admired other makeovers, I knew the day would come when I finally found one of my own to re-do! And I found it early last year…. see Hauls from Four Thrift Stores.


But as many of you know, 2016 was a rough year for me as I recovered slowly from 3 sets of broken bones. I essentially spent 8 months in a chair, so I’m finally getting a few DIY projects done that I could only dream about last year. You can read some of that saga in Vintage Picker Off Limits Home Tour.


So this little $1.99 jewelry box had its turn. Luckily it didn’t need much, and I got in gear to carry out my vision.


Jewelry box awaiting a makeover

The Makeover Process~


My go-to color is always white because it usually sells better, and this is destined for my Etsy shop.


Taking the plunge on buying Dixie Belle “Dropcloth,”




I’m crazy about this paint, its coverage, and the look. I had totally used up all my other white with the Jewelry chest makeover! (wink, wink) See why in this post DIY Headache.  I know you remember it!


The first thing I did was remove the glass in the door. Before I bought this baby, I made sure it had removable door glass. We had hardware cloth on hand, so all I had to do was cut the wire to the appropriate dimension as the glass in the door.


Yeah, right. Easier said than done.


You ever used vintage IRON tin snips? I could barely hold them in my lily white hand, much less guide it into cutting. I had to rest them on the table to cut, but with difficulty, I achieved it.




So now all I had to do was paint it and try not to hit the jewelry felt inside. The little knobs on the drawers were not removable, so I just painted those too.




The Finished Result~


first jewelry box makeover


I used part of a French stencil found on Amazon for the top. I mixed a bit of white and black acrylic paint found at a garage sale to form the stenciled design.


And added a bit of drawer interest….




I decoupaged the napkins onto the drawer sides. I have a lifetime supply of these napkins, so you’ll definitely be seeing them again! The subtle colors blend well with the paint color, I think. The felt inside is a pale lavender-gray, and in good shape.


What was the hardest part of this job?


  • Getting the stencil centered and straight! That’s the only thing I hate about stenciling.
  • Getting the drawers to fit into the slots after having been painted and decoupaged. That took a good bit of sanding and waxing, but they finally fit.
  • Cutting that dang hardware cloth with the mammoth tin snips!



Notice I’m actually holding and cutting with those snips here. I must have grown stronger since the day I cut that “cloth.” LOL


Later on I learned there is an easier way. I just didn’t find it in my husband’s vast array of tools.




I love how my first jewelry box makeover turned out! What about you?





This one is also waiting in the wings until I can get around to it. Stay tuned!




Indulging My Secret Passion~


By the way, I’ve been thinking over adding another topic to my vintage niche here on the blog. I would like to add a gardening element because it’s truly one of my passions! I’m constantly amazed at what I learned from my Mother, an avid gardener, even when I didn’t think I was listening….LOL. I’ve been thinking about this for some time even though it doesn’t exactly fit my niche. Would there be interest if I were to indulge my secret passion?


A Favorite Flower

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30 comments on My First Jewelry Box Makeover and Indulging my Secret Passion

  1. Love it! And golly gee whiz! It never occurred to me to use hardware fabric instead of glass! Duh. I’ve passed up so many of those dated boxes with the etched glass. Not that I would have ever got around to doing the makeover…..

    Why not have a gardening category? I think gardening and junking work well together. Although I don’t garden. I seem to give off some kind of pheromone that kills green things,but I do like planning them and putting vintage and unusual finds in the gardens my husband tends to. He’s one of those people who can break off a stick and grow a tree.

    And hey, I’m still waiting on you doing a monthly sales round up so we can link to each other!

    1. I think I will get around to having a gardening section! Gotta follow your passion, right? Haha, about Ricky! He’s definitely got the green thumb, hasn’t he? Yeah, I’m going to do that sales round up. I sure enjoy seeing what sells for others.

  2. What a great makeover! I love the hardware cloth in there, so it was definitely worth the effort. Those snips do look like they would take some doing 😉 I’m glad you finally got to this as it is a real winner!

  3. Florence that jewelry box didn’t stand a chance once you put your mind to it. It is gorgeous, full of fun little details that your dainty white hands have created. I would love to learn about gardening. I am happy to come and visit your blog because I get to hang out with you. You can talk to me about cereal boxes for all I care. It is Florence that makes the blog!!

    1. Mary, I appreciate your comment & it gave me a little chuckle. Thanks for your perspective. I will add a gardening section, but probably won’t be talking about cereal boxes any time soon! LOL

  4. Your jewelry box turned beautifully and yes please indulge in your other passion Florence. I’d love to hear more. I’m sure I’d learn a few tricks we could use in our garden from a beautiful Southern lady

  5. Wonderful transformation, Florence–you always make me smile. I enjoyed reading your “What was the hardest part.” Great idea and so helpful. Thanks for partying with us at Vintage Charm!

  6. That jewelry chest turned out beautifully. Love the wire insert in the door and stencil on the top. Thank you for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!

  7. Florence, first off I love the makeover you gave the jewelry box; it is gorgeous! Secondly, I for one would love it if you would indulge your gardening passion. I definitely could benefit from your knowledge and wisdom. 🙂

  8. The makeover is gorgeous. Especially the hard to do screen. Very well done,

    I think gardening and vintage could go very well together. I have a severe case of brown thumb so I don’t read actual articles about plants and how to tend them. But I do enjoy snooping through pretty outdoor pics of gardens in bloom etc.

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