Catch the Latest Vintage Estate Finds

Catch up on the latest vintage estate finds from a small sale the weekend before Christmas, and yes, I’m behind on showing recent hauls. There have been a few even though I’m not going to many due to having a lot on hand. But who can resist when it’s close to home (and sometimes I just gotta have an estate or yard sale fix)!? I was disappointed it was the 2nd day, and it was very picked over, but I still found a few items.


A Kid’s Band set of percussion instruments…toys, but educational and fun. (Paid $5/Sold $22-25)


Before Christmas I sold a similar set on Etsy….and THIS sold very quickly!


I berated myself for buying it because of all the missing pieces…no striker for the triangle, missing key on xylophone, missing cymbal.


latest vintage estate finds



What in the heck are these long red wooden rods?



latest vintage estate finds


And these hardwood roller things?


latest vintage estate finds


This is an interesting pair~


latest vintage estate finds


Hubby says “those are sandpaper blocks.” And yes, they look exactly like that, but with the red knobs, they match the set. I believe these are percussion thingies. Imagine rubbing 2 sandpaper blocks together for a neat sound.


I also found this OLD pair of oil lamps…I haven’t had a chance to clean them up yet. The glass bowls are quite unusual. I’ve never seen any this decorative. I might keep them for a while. I’m trying to think of a repurpose project for them. Any ideas? (paid $4 for both)


latest vintage estate finds


A small brass cannon~SOLD (paid $2/Sold $16)


latest vintage estate finds


and a set of 6 Stovetop Covers~not really vintage but pretty. (paid $2)


latest vintage estate finds



All these will be going to my Etsy shop~


TIP: When I’m on the hunt for stuff to sell online, I tend to look for smaller items, due to ever-increasing shipping costs.


Hope you enjoyed the latest vintage estate finds! I’ll continue sharing amounts I paid and sold if you find this as interesting as I do! Until next time~


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latest vintage estate finds

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As an experienced online seller for 19 years, I've just begun to reveal some of my selling secrets. In my Vintage Finds posts, I show what I buy for resale, and sell for. Because many items are vintage and need TLC, I show these DIY's, and how I refurbish to sell. I love picking, junking, thrifting, and shabby chic style.

18 comments on Catch the Latest Vintage Estate Finds

  1. Love the lamps, I have one in my space that has been converted to a plug-in lamp. I put an Edison bulb in it. It’s not selling but my booth always needs extra lighting to make it look inviting so it’s serving a purpose!


  2. Cool lamps! The only repurpose I can think of is take off the brass and use as a vase.

    Congrats on the quick sells, too. That’s always good.

    Ah… the musical stuff. Right up my long ago alley. The red sticks would be used in pairs. Each kid got a pair and there would be various rhythm patterns to hit on the floor and together. Like floor, floor, together, together, floor, together, floor, together. The thicker ones were hit together. And yep. The sand paper blocks were rubbed together. I still have all of that stuff from my stint as the toddler-kindergarten music leader. My granddaughter plays with them now. But wants us to play with them with her. Sigh. Bang, bang, bang, “Babaloo-oo-oo! Babaloo!” LOL

    1. Yes that’s what I’ve thought of too. Wish the openings were just a little bit bigger, but we take what we got, right? Interesting about you being a kid’s band conductor!! I can just picture Dani playing with the instruments & wanting y’all to play too. Figured somebody would know what everything was. I said in the listing that the triangle could be played with an ordinary knife or fork. I checked all that out ahead of time. There must be a good bit of interest in this stuff since both sets sold so quickly. You can know you can sell yours when you get ready.

        1. Hmm, well, those more unusual oil lamps tend to sell for me. It’s great that yours has everything it’s supposed to, and it’s complete if you ever tried to sell it. Do you have a shop somewhere?

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