Introducing a Southern Girl Picker

Introducing a Southern Girl Picker…oh no wait, make that “CHEAPSKATE SOUTHERN GIRL PICKER.”

Learn all about that here. But I’m getting ahead of myself…I’m Florence, born and raised in the Deep South. Like most pickers, I’m very selective about what I buy. So aren’t we all like that? Whether we admit it or not, we like cheap! Which is why I call myself the “Cheapskate!”

Introducing a Southern Girl Picker
Yard Sales are my Bread and Butter!

I’m all about picking in interesting trash piles, thrift stores, and mainly YARD SALES! Yard sales are MY bread and butter, and the place for finding treasures to sell on Ebay or Etsy.

Add estate sales to the mix…they are more expensive but yield interesting vintage items, and selling vintage is my niche.

I’ve sold on Ebay for many years, but now mainly concentrate on Etsy, which I love. I had a booth in an antique shop for a few years, but let that go because I found out I couldn’t do it all.

Now I’m embarking on this blogging journey after thinking about it for several years. You will hear my experiences selling online, my goofs and successes. I LOVE yard sales, and look forward to them all week, but there’s a better way to give one, and write your ad. As I’m reading ads, I’m wishing the sellers would give me more incentive to come through writing better descriptions! Read that post here.

I’m CONSTANTLY asked how to sell on Etsy or Ebay, but very few people have actually followed through. YOU will be the beneficiary of what I’ve learned over the years. But the best teacher of all, is just to start.

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