Incredible Thrift Store Haul

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What happens when you’re a little dry, a little blue, and a little bored? And you got lots of stuff to do, but don’t want to do it? And you need some inspiration and a little change of scene?? And your hubby is having surgery in a few days, and you better get out now while you can?  You head to the thrift store!! Or at least I do anyway. Trekking to the thrift store just about cures all ills. Junkers, am I right?


I’m sharing an incredible thrift store haul with you today, and I’m so glad I got a good day for once. Too many times I go out empty-handed.


Off to the newest Salvation Army in town. Ordinarily I find them a little pricey, but heck, you gotta do what you gotta do. Thrift store prices are not garage sale prices….unfortunately.


Today I found a bunch of good stuff, and I’m thrilled.


Can you believe this gorgeous frame was only $2.99?? I think I will paint it, but it is lovely as is.


incredible thrift store haul




A beautiful wall mirror in another ornate frame. Only $1.99. (Hmm, maybe Salvation Army is not so bad after all.) I will probably market it as a tray also. It could be used as a perfume or jewelry tray.


incredible thrift store haul



Recipe box, $2.99, marked “Kamenstein” on the bottom, is a company making higher end kitchen products.

I sold one very similar to this before Christmas. I probably will not paint it as it looks so nice…plain, but nice.

In general, recipe boxes sell well for me, so I always look for them. Available now.


incredible thrift store haul


incredible thrift store haul


These tin wall tiles were only 99¢ each, a deal I couldn’t pass up. Not old, but vintage style. Marked “Hosley” on the back, they can be hung straight or diagonally.  I will definitely be painting these.


A drawer divider, really nice quality, lined with a rubbery material. Only $1.99! This caught my husband’s eye. He wants to use it to continue his bathroom drawer reorganization, and I’m saying “Hallelujah.”


incredible thrift store haul


And right across the highway is another favorite thrift store…Jimmy Hale Mission Possible….


I buy expanding wall racks ($1.99)…sometimes…when the mood strikes. They can take a while to sell because there are so many on Etsy. But I must say I’ve sold all the ones I’ve ever had. Just price competitively, and make sure you have good photos.


incredible thrift store haul


This guy was kinda pricey ($5.99), but I need Halloween decor. Before I started blogging, I sold off all my vintage ceramic pieces.


incredible thrift store haul


I also buy these rattan trivets (59¢ ea.) when I see them. People buy these for some reason…maybe as wall decor? I usually sell them in groupings.


incredible thrift store haul


I hope I don’t step on anyone’s toes when I say this, but these have got to be the ultimate in tacky vintage home decor! (99¢ each) I really thought long and hard before buying them, but people do like ornate, and they are vintage. I think I’m going to paint them too. Agree or not?


incredible thrift store haul


I’ve never tried these before, and I rarely see them, so it will be an experiment to see if they sell in my Etsy shop…


Thanks for sticking with me to see all of the incredible thrift store haul. Don’t forget, your opinion on whether I should paint the plug and light fixture plates.


Until next time,
















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22 comments on Incredible Thrift Store Haul

  1. I love Salvation Army. I buy most of my sweaters there that I wash and recycle into new colorful coats. They have everything half price on Wednesdays, so check your local store for half price day to save even more. I think you found some great buys!

  2. Those switchplate covers & outlet covers scream “Shabby”. Painted cream & distressed, highlighting the flowers with pastels. Yes, please!

  3. You did get a good haul. I do find thrift stores pricey. Some give a 50% discount on Monday so that is a good time to go but everyone is there. We have others who send an email when they’re having a sale. I like that. I like the frame.

    1. Yes I’ve heard Monday is a good day to go. I usually don’t go then. I don’t have a regular day yet. Glad you like the frame! I want to do something special with it….just not sure yet.

  4. Ha! My toes hurt! LOL My favorites are the switch and plug plates. 😉 I personally wouldn’t want to paint them, but I’m pretty sure they’ll sell better painted white and scuffed. And I’m also pretty sure they’ll sell quickly.

    I’d say you made out like a bandit on everything. A good day, indeed.

  5. How fun! I buy those rattan trivets too, I’m saving them up to make a throw rug I saw on pinterest!

    I think I would paint the light switch covers.


    1. Oh I would love to see the rattan rug on Pinterest! I can see that would be a fun piece. Those rattan trivets are getting kind of hard to find. I rarely see them these days. I painted the plates & they do look much improved.

  6. Florence, yes a trip to the thrift store is a soothing remedy to what ails you for sure. I like your haul. That frame is pretty. I have one similar but it’s metalish that got several different makeovers over the years. I also like those rattan trivet. They have a fun design. I wonder how hard they would be to paint. I also like the outlet and switch plate. I hope you sell what you list quickly! 🙂

    1. Thank you Keri! I hope they sell quickly too. Those rattan trivets are probably easy to paint just like anything. One of my readers says she saw where someone made a throw rug out of them. Wouldn’t that be cool??

  7. Florence, you really did luck out. The frame is a treasure. And once it is painted the details and scrollwork will pop even more. I love that your husband wants to continue to organize the bathroom. He has caught the bug from you. And those wall thingies are really too ornate. If they are painted they will look nice and hopefully blend in with the wall a bit. The pumpkin is super cute too. All in all a great find. The one time I went to the salvation army I thought it was so overpriced I could have bought new for half the price.

  8. That really was quite a haul. Thrifting is very calming to me. I can’t explain it but I started when my husband was sick. There was a thrift store nearby and I would drop in whenever there was down time while he was having treatments or test. It would refresh me. Thank you for sharing at the Snickerdoodle party.

    1. That’s an interesting tidbit about you Sharon! I love the thrift store too, but not as much as yard and estate sales. When I can’t go to those, thrifting is the next best thing!

  9. Florence — regarding the “expanding wall rack”. Back when I was a poor college student, I use to hang these up (either way – vertical or horizontal) and hang scarves on them. Again, natural brown is fine, but painted to any room color would be a real stand out. Also good in a laundry room for kinda the same purpose. Good find! Had forgotten about those — now we spend minor fortunate at BBB to accomplish the same thing without the charm.

    1. I remember seeing those used for that! I like your idea of painting it too. I think I’m going to do that for the next one I run across b/c I’m always seeing these.

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