Guess How Much Giveaway Challenge

Guess how much giveaway challenge? You will see as you scroll further down. I may do more of these throughout the year if I find worthy objects. Stroll along with me as we go on an antique shopping expedition for Christmas presents, and for the big reveal on the giveaway.


I think I just found my new favorite place! I don’t go to antique shops much anymore because I’m used to yard sale prices, but I love to browse and get ideas.


Only problem is, I often forget to actually look for presents. I get caught up in what I like! But I tried to be good. At the end, I will show you what I bought.


For now, see what caught my eye….

I LOVE this!


guess how much giveaway challenge
Unique wall hook made out of an antique chest?



Shaped like a large book on a podium was this interesting rustic wooden piece~

There’s a little drawer at the bottom.

guess how much giveaway challenge
Those rings just invite you to pull….Open it up and….























guess how much giveaway challenge
Open the doors and you see this….


Looks like a desk accessory or a secretary of sorts?



guess how much giveaway challenge
Bottlecap Lamp


Isn’t this lamp just the coolest?? The caps have been flattened and glued to the shade…pretty quirky, but I like it!


Looks like this might be fairly simple to do….


guess how much giveaway challenge
Corrugated metal Christmas tree



Itty bitty train case about 10″ square. Priced at $17. I LOVE vintage train cases and snap them up when the price is right!


guess how much giveaway challenge
Tiny Little Train Case



Get a load of this retro TV! And it was HEAVY! Wouldn’t this be a great conversation piece???


guess how much giveaway challenge
Old Admiral TV with built in Rabbit Ears and Dials on top



The seller was calling this a “Nice wooden shelf.”  But we know better. It’s an old wooden telephone shelf with a place for a phone book. Priced at $35.


Love this too…maybe I shoulda bought it….


Since I’m a rustic girl, I would love to have this in my house, but hate to cut a hole in the wall.


guess how much giveaway challenge
Old Phone Shelf



And when I saw THIS….


guess how much giveaway challenge


And when I saw THIS…oh my!


It was hand to heart….

It was “OHHHH!”

It was a trembling sigh…

(while hubby is rolling his eyes)

It was a memory from 1964…


and if you’re just dying to see my other Beatles’ post, go here The Hottest Yard Sale Buy.


As much as I’d love to have coffee every morning with John, Paul, George, and Ringo, I reluctantly passed.


I couldn’t help it….ouch…I laughed when the mall owner told me how much…..


and now the….


Guess How Much Giveaway Challenge


SOOO…..thought I’d present you all with the first ever Guess How Much Giveaway Challenge….




guess how much giveaway challenge
Eat more chik-in


…WINS a $10 Chic-Fil-A gift card!


(The person coming closest in price wins. Guesses accepted until Saturday, December 17 at 10pm)


Now, you want to see what I bought??? Of COURSE  you do!


For a dear friend who loves hummingbirds~

guess how much giveaway challenge
Hanging Hummingbird

















For another friend who loves vintage junk like I do…


guess how much giveaway challenge
Rustic bathroom box
















guess how much giveaway challenge
Needs paint


But I had to do a little modification on it…didn’t like the bare wood on the bottom. That needed to be fixed, so I matched the colors with a blend of 3 Oops paint colors I had. I think it looks pretty good!


See if this doesn’t look better…..

guess how much giveaway challenge
with paint on the bottom

















Last 2 items I bought for me to sell in my Etsy shop…..


Love this rustic oak recipe box with dove-tailed joints….


guess how much giveaway challenge
Old recipe box

















This immediately caught my eye from across the aisle…..


guess how much giveaway challenge
Large Jewelry Box


It is quite large and plays music too. Paint or not?


That’s it for antiquing! Don’t forget to guess the price on the Beatles’ mug!!


By the way, I’m having a 20% off sale in my entire Etsy shop through Dec. 20.




guess how much giveaway challenge








34 comments on Guess How Much Giveaway Challenge

  1. Florence, I don’t blame you for getting sidetracked, I would too in an antique mall. I’m like you though, I rarely shop at brick and mortar places because I’m used to the sweet deals I get at garage sales. Anyway, lots of good stuff it looks like. I like what you bought and I’m sure the gift recipients will too. My guess on the mug is $120.

  2. Love the phone “booth” that you passed on. Also the treasures you bought. Definitely paint the jewelry box, IMHO. I’m $24 on the mug.
    Thanks for the fun guessing game, can’t wait for the reveal!

  3. Well, I have no idea about prices, but I think that looks pretty neat so I will say $40…which is 10x what I would pay for a mug…even a Beatles one! 😉

    1. Haha Mary! I like your reasoning. Or maybe just play some of my old records & reminisce. My favorite thing to do is watch them on youtube when I need a Beatles fix. Or I could go over to my Pinterest board, “Gettin’ My Beatles’ Fix” & look at their pictures.

  4. Florence, I really like that first item, the antique hook on the curved chest front. It’s really cool, I’d love to hang that on my wall. The hummingbird is also another favorite of mine, and your friend will absolutely love it. I love looking around antique stores it’s so much fun, and sometimes you find the oddest things. But the Beatles mug is the coolest! I have no idea what it would be worse, but I’m going to say $41. I can’t wait to see how much it truly was I don’t know if I’m getting way too high or way too low! With memorabilia you never know, do you?

    1. Yes, I loved that antique hook too…just my style. Yes, when I gave the hummingbird to the recipient, she loved it. Yes, you’re a little low on the Beatles’ mug, but $41 is way more than I would pay anyway, even for them!

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