Favorite Weekend Finds Montevallo

Hi there friends!

Back with another Vintage Finds update! Before I get too far behind, I decided to show you my “favorite weekend finds Montevallo” from 2 weeks ago. For those who don’t live here, the name “Montevallo” means nothing to you, I know. But I’m following my own advice again by picking out of town…seeย 5 Reasons I Go Picking Out of Town. I’ve found it to be successful 90% of the time. Pretty good odds, eh?


So let’s get started.


Weekend Vintage Finds~


We hit a sale close to our home right at the beginning, but I thought I was going to walk away empty-handed. I hate to do that, you know? The homeowners are standing there so hopefully. At the last minute I found these 2 glass globes, which I needed to complete a couple of oil lamps before I list them in my Etsy shop, and the price was right at 50ยข each.




On to Montevallo—about a 30-45 minute drive from our house. As we neared our destination, the neighborhood looked progressively seedier. I thought, “well, I’m not going to find anything here!”


This just goes to show you how pre-conceived notions can get you in trouble. Those people couldn’t have been nicer and more accommodating


Take a look at what I found~


Badly tarnished old piano lamp. Can you believe this was only $1? And it works!

I spent an hour polishing it. That elbow grease works wonders!




A cute chandy (chandelier) with glass prisms…only $3, and they offered to give it to me for free because they weren’t sure it worked! It has a few missing prisms, but it has enough to allow it to sell I think. And it does work.




A decorative cart…only $2. This is a keeper because it’s much too big to ship. (I don’t like to ship items this large…although it can be done.)


A nice white paint job would do wonders for this!




Now that was the kind of sale I like!!!


In the next community, I found these~


Vintage alarm clocks are hot right now, and it works $2 (it was $3, and I got them to go down)




Whoopee, a couple of blocks of florist’s foam for 50ยข, but I need it for a project.




I sold one of these vintage in/out trays before, and this is made by the same company…a Globe-Wernicke tray, dating from the 40’s. It’s much better looking than the other one was. Keeping my fingers crossed. $2…Available.




Metal file box $3. As many of my followers know, I conduct lots of experiments. This is one of those. I’m taking a chance….don’t know if it’ll sell. They’re all over Etsy. (Don’t let that keep you from listing yours anyway.) I don’t know how many times I’ve said to myself….”they’re a bazillion of these on Etsy….mine’ll never sell.” But it usually does!


Industrial is hot. We’ll see. Available.




I couldn’t believe this was still there when I arrived! Probably a repro, but even repros are desirable…a vintage 60’s lucite box purse….$2. Available…I’m a sucker for purses!




Love at first sight…had to have it. Cappelli purse by Straworld. $2 This is mine!




Aren’t these cute? Package unopened Christmas cupcake liners FREE


There are lots of DIY things you can do with pretty cupcake liners…besides making a muffin prettier.




Sack of miscellaneous battery-operated Christmas tea lights….$2




Embroidery Hoops…these usually sell….sooner or later. I always list these together. All for $1. Available




We’re both a sucker for old books….


The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, c.1903…Civil War novel $1

The Circular Staircase, c. 1908…A Whodunit. $1

My husband, who doesn’t read much fiction, read this in an afternoon & raved about how good it was.




I was immediately charmed by this old children’s book, “Boys and Girls of Bookland,” c.1923. It’s a First Edition, but in bad shape. Still love it though, and hope someone else will. $1. Available




Just look at a couple of the old illustrations!







A beautiful afghan! $2

I believe this is wool, and such pretty colors. Very musty smelling, but a 2-day session hanging in the attic took care of it.




Hope you enjoyed the tour! Tell me what you liked!


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32 comments on Favorite Weekend Finds Montevallo

  1. Great finds Florence! I love that little cart, it’s so unique, I’ve never seen one that narrow before! It will be so cute fixed up :o)

    I’ve had really good luck selling granny square afghans!


  2. Sweet finds Florence! The lucite and boho chic purses are fabulous. Oh yes, that awesome cart and the chandelier would look fabulous with some chippy white paint. Love the old books, can never have enough of those. Looks to have been a successful haul!

  3. My favorite: the little wire cart on wheels. Would look so cute on a porch with flowers in pots on it. My next favorites are the old children’s books–or any old books–I mean any books that are old!

    But here’s my question: What is that picture frame doing in every picture? Was that part of the haul? Well, I guess it’s not in every picture, looking back over the post. Maybe I’m just clueless and the frame is there for styling purposes, but I kept waiting for you to tell about it!

    A fun post, as they always are!

    1. Haha, funny you should ask about that white frame. I do use it often for putting small objects on for photographing products for Etsy, so it’s always there in my photo spot. It’s my backdrop of sorts. It was part of a haul last year, and I kept it. I’m glad you were curious about it though. Glad you liked the post Naomi! Isn’t that cart something? So glad I got it even though I didn’t NEED it.

  4. Can’t wait to see what you do with the cart, Florence. Maybe paint it white or a nice soft green. It definitely needs some pots of flowers on it, I think!

  5. Great finds Florence and I’m loving that little metal file box. I’m heading over to your Etsy shop right now to see if it’s still available ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Darnit, I came this close to buying it and then those dreaded shipping costs to South Africa reared their little head. UGH. I wish we stayed closer.

  6. Great finds, in fact, I have several of the same items in my stash. My Mother had one of those green document boxes that I have now, it would be perfect for a project. The Big Ben clock is like one I received from my Grandmother’s estate. When I retired I had two of the wooden in/out boxes and asked if I could have them. My manager laughed and said you are the only one who would want those old wooden trays. I thanked him and smiled all the way home with them. They are on my desk in my home office now. Oops. I think I just outed myself as a hoarder.

    1. Isn’t that funny about the in/out trays? I love these too! I have sold one, so we know other people like them too. Sharon, you’re not a hoarder…just a vintage lover like me! I enjoy all your finds too. Would love to know what YOU would do with the document box! All I can think of so far is a planter, but I’m sure there are other repurposes.

  7. You really scored! I was just about to say, that’s my favorite and then I scrolled to your next find! Too many pretties to pick just one….although that green box and the lucite purse are up there!!

    1. You know I’ve seen those cupcake liners used to make gorgeous wreaths, which is something I’d like to make when I get enough. I would have bought, but this was it. Oh yes, the cart is a beauty!

  8. Wow, Florance! You found some great items! I have to start to look out for some great finds like these too! There’s so much you can do with them too.

  9. Florence I want everything!! That cute Lucite purse? The decorative cart? The ..the … Ohh there was so much that I liked I can’t keep track of them! Well done now sell everything but I want that cart. Don’t have any room for it but still. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Well, I got lucky that day in finding that fabulous sale out in the boonies, and that’s all it is…a matter of luck. You don’t ever know till you get there. I love the cart and the straw bag too. I guess they were my faves. Thanks for dropping by and commenting Maria!

  10. Hello Florence,
    You found all kinds of goodies!!! My mother-in-law used to crochet those blankets a lot way back when. We still have one that was our dog Skeeter’s bed for years. ๐Ÿ™‚ I pinned a ton! I have another Mary Englebright friend who had those same muffin liners and would use them when she served cupcakes at her teas. Cute!!!
    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful finds,
    Barb ๐Ÿ™‚
    p.s. LOVE the illustrations in that one book!

    1. Thanks Barb! Isn’t that book adorable! I fell in love with the illustrations too! Glad you dropped by to look at my goodies! Thanks for pinning too!

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