Favorite Junking Finds Weekend Sylacauga

What a favorite junking finds weekend in Sylacauga! I’m following my own advice to go picking out of town, and it’s usually worth the extra time, gas, and getting up extra early. Blogging friend, Wanda Horton Craft, fellow Alabama girl, who blogs at JustVintageHome, and does estate sales on the side, Sentimental Suitcase Estate Sales, had been telling me about a fabulous upcoming sale in Sylacauga…about an hour’s drive, and starting at 8 am. I planned to leave & get there on time, but I overslept. Then I forgot about how bad early morning rush hour traffic was, so I arrived 30 minutes late! Horrors! Lots of stuff was gone, but I still found treasures I’m happy with. And I’m going to show you all of it.


Favorite Weekend Junking Finds


Vintage Finds~



One of the last finds of the day on the last pass through…pair of brass curtain tiebacks $5 SOLD $35


favorite junking finds weekend in sylacauga


Vintage brass cricket boxes $1/ea


favorite junking finds weekend in sylacauga


Vintage White Shoulders Cologne, still sealed. $3


favorite junking finds weekend in sylacauga


Sweet vintage cabinet cards…(the one on the right was wrapped in plastic…believe this is a black/white photo of a painting.) But whatever, it is still very nice.

favorite junking finds weekend in sylacauga


The vintage snapshot you can see a little clearer here….it looks like 1890’s to me. All 3 of these for $1.


favorite junking finds weekend in sylacauga


2 Sweet little ring dishes…the one on the left is made in England, and has a tiny chip on the dish, not on the rabbits. Darn, I didn’t notice that chip until I got it home! $5.


The one on the right is a collectible pottery ring dish by M.A. Hadley… $3 SOLD $14


favorite junking finds weekend in sylacauga


A couple of “man things.” We already have a full spool of fishing line, but no matter. 25¢/ea


favorite junking finds weekend in sylacauga


Drum roll………..#2 favorite find of the day….collection of industrial junk pieces. $3. If I don’t think of a way to repurpose these, I’ll put them in my Etsy shop.


favorite junking finds weekend in sylacauga


Drum roll and trumpets…….#1 favorite find of the day……


Ornate Silverplate footed butter dish by FB Rogers…..$8 SOLD $48


favorite junking finds weekend in sylacauga


What I love about this is its hinged roll top lid with glass insert inside….


favorite junking finds weekend in sylacauga


Silverplate usually does well for me, but I’ve only dealt in trays, so far.


Isn’t this a pretty box? I can hardly resist vanity boxes of any kind. It has a hard coating with a lot of small chips around the edges, which bothered me.


Old chipped vanity box


I touched them up using an artist’s brush and a mix of acrylic paints. It looks much better now, don’t you think? I posted this on Instagram recently, asking if you would buy it if you saw it….so would you?



I’m really happy with the favorite junking finds! What do y’all think? What is your favorite?

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As an experienced online seller for 19 years, I've just begun to reveal some of my selling secrets. In my Vintage Finds posts, I show what I buy for resale, and sell for. Because many items are vintage and need TLC, I show these DIY's, and how I refurbish to sell. I love picking, junking, thrifting, and shabby chic style.

26 comments on Favorite Junking Finds Weekend Sylacauga

  1. Good to see what you bought! I didn’t know. And woohoo!!! on the butter dish! Sorry about the chip on the rabbit dish. We probably didn’t see it, either. The box looks great after the touch up. Can’t tell anything was ever wrong.

    The next sale will be mid May. We thought first weekend in June, but I have obligations that weekend and the next, so we pushed it up. It’s pretty massive. We just got started, but I believe it will be worth the trip as well.

    (Thanks for the shout outs!)

    1. Oooh, definitely want to come to the next one then! OK about the rabbit dish….should have examined it more closely. Y’all are getting lots of estate sales lately! That’s great!

  2. I found a way to repair small chips in china. Use a slightly watered mixture of white glue and a small paintbrush to build up layers in the chipped area, allowing to dry between. Once filled in it may need to be sanded slightly and an emery board works fine. Then match the color paint with acrylic craft paints, then seal with a clear gloss. I’ve repaired many items this way.

  3. Lovely! Your butter dish is very nice and I especially like the tin type (?) photographs. I love the sentimentality of old photos… Pinned and Tailwinded. 🙂 On a side note, I lost out on a bid for some silver pieces at a Salvation Army in Austin, TX this weekend. The other woman really wanted the silver, I guess. $100 was my limit. 🙁

    Enjoy your goodies!

    1. Thank you Barbara! The butter dish is a big favorite. Sorry you lost out on the silver pieces….hopefully some more will come along for you! Thanks for pinning & putting on Tailwind.

  4. Wow, all these beautiful things and you overslept too. If I had to choose I’d say those industrial junk pieces are my favorite – oh the possibilities. I’m going to have to see if they’re still available in your Etsy shop Florence. Please tell me you ship to South Africa

  5. Florence, you got some great things!! I love those cricket boxes and the bunny ring dish. You did an amazing job touching up the vintage box, just wow!!

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