Favorite Junking Finds Weekend Homewood

Showing my favorite junking finds weekend is a little overdue because this sale was a couple of months ago. Hope you enjoy seeing what I found! Come share in my lovely junk!



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Homewood is a charming old suburb close to town and mostly occupied by young families. This was a good sale, in that it was an older person’s estate. If only I had gotten there a little earlier, but I haven’t figured out yet how to be everywhere at once…LOL.

Vintage Finds~


Here are my vintage finds, some of which I’ve already sold. Small and pretty little chest with raised swirl designs and old picture on top. Nice lining inside. Probably made in Italy. Cost: $2.00 Sold


Small gold chest
Small gold chest probably made in Italy


A vintage shoe ashtray. I bought this mainly to use in a mobile. 25¢


Vintage brass shoe ashtray


These can be repurposed into cute towel holders for the kitchen. I can’t remember how much I paid for this. Available in my Etsy shop.


Old kitchen grater
Old grater


These old wooden thread spools come in handy for various crafts. $1 for the whole box. How would YOU repurpose these?


Old shoebox full of wooden thread spools
Wooden spools



These are not in the best of shape, so I’m thinking about repurposing them….maybe painting or possibly making ornaments out of them. We’ll see. $2 for this set. Too much considering the shape they’re in. Sometimes I get carried away. Anyone else?



Vintage Tin Coasters
Aluminum coasters


I believe this was 25¢.


vintage rhinestone ring
Chunky vintage rhinestone ring


Tiny pink pom pom trim for a total of 23+ yards. I thought I might have a hard time selling this because I certainly wasn’t the only seller with it! Paid $1…Sold for $12. I usually try to pick up trims when I see them. They can be good sellers.


Tiny pink pom pom trim


I think I paid about $4 for these wooden legs or furniture finials. Available in my Etsy shop.


Turned wood legs, caps, or furniture finials
Furniture finials or table legs.


Shiny brass heavy decal. I believe I paid $1-2 for this. The details have skipped my mind….LOL. Available in my Etsy shop.


Brass Decal Home Decor
Brass Decal Home Decor


Memorial Day flags
Happy Memorial Day!


Hope you enjoyed seeing a vintage finds post! I’m a little behind on these. Come share in my lovely junk! And lastly, have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


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As an experienced online seller for 19 years, I've just begun to reveal some of my selling secrets. In my Vintage Finds posts, I show what I buy for resale, and sell for. Because many items are vintage and need TLC, I show these DIY's, and how I refurbish to sell. I love picking, junking, thrifting, and shabby chic style.

16 comments on Favorite Junking Finds Weekend Homewood

  1. Great finds! I saw a wreath once that was made out of old thread spools. I would make that if I were ever lucky enough to find a box full. 🙂

  2. I’m so cursing our South African postal services right now, I would love to take those finials off of your hands. Anyways, such is life. I hope you had a super Memorial Day weekend Florence.

  3. Florence you have a treasure trove here. And at such great prices. The one time I went to an estate sale I felt I was being robbed. I’ll have to look harder in the future. These finds are really great and there is so much someone can do with them.

    1. Thank you Mary! I’ve been to estate sales in other parts of the US & felt the same way you do about prices. Some places are higher than others.

  4. Florence, great finds at great prices! I think we’ve all gotten carried away at sales and when we got home realized we paid a little more than we wanted for something or didn’t realize the shape it was in, but I think that was a pretty good deal on the aluminum coasters; I could see someone buying those to decorate in a home with rustic or country decor or like you said hanging them as ornaments. I really like those finials, they are calling for a repurpose for sure, hmmm but what? Maybe some cute ornaments or knobs on a coat rack… they are really cool! Great finds Florence!!

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