Don’t Be Burned by These Picker Fails!

Don't be burned by these picker fails
Picker Fails are like being one brick short

What are Picker Fails?


Things you buy with hope they'll sell, but turn into duds. Only experience teaches you this, so here's mine...

*Vintage scarves…about the only way I can sell these are in a lot.

*Men’s vintage electric razors….I must have been the only one that thought these old models were pretty cool.

*Beanie babies…probably another 50 years before these are valuable

*Decks of cards do not do well for me…they used to sell, but not in a long time.

*Industrial brushes….took a risk….NO…must remind people of work

*Acrylic pen rest set without the pen…just one word for this….DUH

*Model railroad stuff…too much of it on Ebay already

*Handheld Scrabble…just because the big Scrabble game sells doesn’t mean this one will.

*Copper kitchen molds…there are pages & pages of these on Ebay.

*Cute dog mug with damaged handle goes nowhere….what, you don’t want a cracked handle?

*Vintage Girl Scout vest….I heard these sold, but no.

*Books…occasionally books sell for me, but mostly they sit.

*Arbonne Perfume….full name brand perfumes will sell, but not off-brand varieties

*Green stamp books…as soon as someone listed the first set, all the others in the world came out of the woodwork. Now these are useless.

*Knives in knife blocks

I have plenty of picker fails, and since I refuse to get rid of even the duds, I still have ’em because cheapskate picker who lives in a depression thinking world, does not throw anything away! Experienced & wannabe sellers take note…don’t be burned by these picker fails!

Why Do Pickers Buy?


We pickers buy for many reasons, and get caught up in the emotion just like you do! I buy :

…if I think it’ll sell for me…either on Ebay or Etsy.

…anything to do with the Beatles (OK, I still think I’m 13 in the 60’s)

…to enjoy for a bit, then out it goes. I keep very little because at my age, I need to get RID of stuff! (but you wouldn’t think that if you saw my work space)

…if I can use it to decorate or repurpose something else I have.

…if we have a hunch. My hunches are not always good….LOL

…if I’m desperate! This is the “I gotta buy something affliction,” which brings me to my next point….

Picker Fails or I’m Stuck with It:




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Anyone have a fail? Care to share?

6 comments on Don’t Be Burned by These Picker Fails!

  1. I have so many fails, I have chosen to block them out of my mind. Only problem with that is that when I see another one, I can’t remember if it’s a fail or a win and will buy it again. LOL

    Books used to be great if you did your homework and knew what to look for. Then everybody started doing it and now it’s extremely hard to find a winner.

    1. Thanks Tania! Yes, I took the plunge! Thanks for commenting! I have been enjoying your blog this morning. I don’t think I’ve seen all the ones of your home improvements. You have inspired me to do some stuff around here.

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