DIY Vintage Suitcase

DIY Vintage Suitcase Project: I love vintage suitcases! They are perennially popular and always sell. Some take more time than others. Case in point (no pun intended!)

One blue suitcase. UGLY inside, so I stripped it down to the bare bones. I tried selling it cheap so someone could do their own repurpose job from those tantalizing projects seen on Pinterest. But after 4 months on Etsy…no takers. So it sat around for a couple more months while I decided what I wanted to do with it.

vintage suitcase
Vintage Blue Suitcase
inside the vintage suitcase
Inside the Vintage Suitcase






Wanting to do this project by spending as little money as possible, I dug out old paper songbooks I had bought in a box full for $1.00 a while back, so I tore out pages at random to paper the inside.

DIY Vintage Suitcase
Old Songbooks


Tools I used: scissors, Mod Podge, and Walnut Ink. Simple. But working with decoupage is very messy, so it is important to prepare your area. Just a few spritzes of Walnut Ink, and you have the instant age look! Or you could also use coffee or tea to age your papers.

DIY Vintage Suitcase
Walnut Ink




Everything is now glued in. I’m not crazy about it, especially not the big blotchy “Blue Danube”on the lid, and the other small blotchies. And it’s too white looking…enter Walnut ink. I’ll fix the blotchy look by gluing more paper down over it.

DIY vintage suitcase
Suitcase too white looking

Ah…ha! This is much better! Less blotchy, and a little aging with the ink brings this result. I’m kinda liking it. So we’ll see if it sells……………………………………..

Would you believe this sold within 24 hours of listing it???


Next time I do a DIY vintage suitcase, think I’m gonna try the torn paper look, but I’m very pleased!

DIY Vintage Suitcase
Final Look

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  1. I love what you did to the suitcase Florence, it looks gorgeous now. No wonder it sold so quickly after the makeover, I would have bought in a flash.

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