Changing the House Fails

Changing the house fails…what would I change? Many things. For the most part I like our floor plan. I just want more cabinets, and storage. I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I’m really not.


What I really want to change are the things IN the house, and they are changeable, but I’m not motivated…partly because I’m over 60? That’ll do.


A few years ago, we spent big bucks on a decorator to tell us what to do with our problem kitchen. In came granite countertops (which we dislike), and THIS.


changing the house fails


I love the china cabinet, which came from a 1930’s house in a historic neighborhood where we used to live. But I hate the color. Gushing about brown as the hot new trend in kitchen decor, the decorator convinced us this was IT. Something did have to be done about the awful green I painted it. Reminding myself I needed help with paint colors, and that’s why I hired the decorator, I said to myself confidently, “It’ll grow on me.” Well, guess what? I still hate it, and so does Gary.


Gary and I argued about color more in our early years than anything else. Unlike most men, he actively involved himself in color and decor choices, and I usually let him have his way to keep peace. How is it that now we’re on the same wavelength??!


A few years ago, we paid to have this very old couch recovered because it’s comfortable., Agonizing about fabric, we visited every store in town and finally settled on this. While I love the colors and the design, the first time I saw the finished sofa, my face fell.


changing the house fails


The problem was, I didn’t buy enough fringe. You would think the upholsterer would call and say, “why don’t you leave the fringe off the small pillows, and then I will have enough to put around the sofa?” But he didn’t do that. The fringe stopped where he ran out, and it looks odd. Turns out I don’t like the look of the fringe on the big pillows anyway.


Custom made from a furniture store, another bomb. How is it that the chair model in the store is comfortable, but YOURS isn’t? Though we agreed on fabric, once it arrived, Gary didn’t like it. MY goal was keeping the dog away, but the minute my back turned he peed on the skirt. Grrr.


changing the house fails


Our glass-topped coffee table (and breakfast room table), outdated several years. “But I like it,” Gary insists. Tables in OUR house aren’t used for styling or eating anyway…they are simply catch-alls. A vintage tavern table sits in our basement unused, which is what I would like to use. So we have this dilemma–our junk…I don’t say much about HIS,  because he’s so patient about mine.


changing the house fails


Made many years ago, I decided to leave the Christmas swag up year-round. Gary obligingly cut plywood in the proper shape and dimensions, and I glued on pinecones and nuts. It’s pretty old now, and I’m tired of it. I’ve been planning on tossing it for the last 5 years, but you know what happened? Every person bringing food when I was laid up this summer with broken bones loved it. New eyes, new appreciation!


changing the house fails


The following 3 pieces are just there because I don’t have anywhere else to put them.


changing the house fails


A darling little armoire a friend gave us, but needs some minor repairs. I painted this pre-blog days. Not my favorite color, but Etsy says “spicy mustard” is trendy. I think it looks like barf unappealing.


changing the house fails


This is a secretary/chest that I did for my booth a while back, and now I don’t have the booth. I think I got a bit over-zealous with the distressing, don’t you?


changing the house fails


A vintage doctor’s cabinet that I painted a lonnng time ago. I cant remember why pink, but it needs to go, along with all these other goodies. How about you? Are you with me on changing the house fails? Am I the only one that lives with problem pieces?


Want to see more house? Click “The Vintage Picker Off Limits Home Tour.”


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changing the house fails

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31 comments on Changing the House Fails

  1. Oh boy, lots of fails here, too. I think we all have them. Funny thing is, others don’t always see the fail we see, like you stated about your swag. We have an opposite problem, like you we did not want granite and everyone who comes in, wants to know we didn’t choose granite. Haha. Ps- brown or not that hutch is outstanding!

  2. I am just so pleased that someone ,even in a far distant country does not have perfection . THeres something very depressing about reading about endless perfection, I,ve also got things I just live with ,plus stuff I love that wouldn’t be classed as fashionable or on trend , but that’s what makes a home .

    1. Kate, I know exactly what you mean! It is depressing to see so much perfection all the time. My place will never be perfect, and like you say, I don’t really care. At my age, I no longer have the energy to keep up with the young mommy-bloggers who are always doing projects.

  3. You had me laughing out loud! The cat is wondering what was so funny. LOL

    I totally get everything you said. Totally. To-Tal-Ly! Yep. We’re living with fails, too. Lots of them. You keep asking why I don’t do a home tour? That’s why. 😀 What’s so bad, most of my fails were the expensive purchases. IE: The couch I sit use is soooo comfy, and now has a wallowed out spot for my butt, but it’s ugly and much too big for the space. The couch, I mean, but you can say the same about my butt.

    And you’re not alone with a hubby with a decorating opinion. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not.

    1. Ohh so that’s the way of it…not a perfect house! (the reason why you don’t do a home tour). The pictures you’ve let us see of your house look pretty good to me. Yes, and you see my fails are also the expensive purchases. Yes, I can’t tell you how many times I wished my hubby didn’t care about color & home decor. Just let me do what I want! But nooooo….I can’t get over that now we mostly agree!

  4. Florence every house is full of fails. If I could I’d change the whole layout of our house. The living room looks out onto the nosy neighbors house instead of the beach. The rooms are too small… I can go on and on. Your fails are manageable. I think it has more to do with changing styles. I’m sure back when you did these there was nothing wrong with them. But styles have changed. Florence your distressed dresser is so funny… taking your frustrations out on the furniture.

    1. Hey, I never thought of that! (the distressed dresser). I’ll remember to tell someone that, if I don’t repaint it first. Yes styles do change, but I don’t have the motivation to do anything about them, so they will probably stay just like this. Actually our house is an open floor plan, so b/c there aren’t enough walls, there aren’t enough cabinets & storage. Not much can be done about it.

  5. Whew! I’m glad I’m not the only one with house fails. I already have some and we’ve only been in our current house for just a little over a year, lol. Well I love the cabinet in the kitchen, the structure of it is so awesome! That swag is pretty cool too, as well as all your lovely furniture.

  6. I have house fails also. I look at all the beautiful houses on blogs and Pinterest and try to learn and figure out what to in my house. You have some lovely pieces and I like your countertops and cabinets. And you know what it doesn’t matter as much when you’re over 60 if you have house fails. :).

    1. You’re right Debra. I’m much more accepting of things at my age. I’ll probably never do anything about all these various flaws…at least not any time soon anyway.

  7. Well my friend, paint can do wonders for a piece. I love the built in and I think if you paint it you will love it. Also love that doctors cabinet. Such a unique piece! My hubby pretty much lets me decide on any piece of furniture and colors. I don’t paying big bucks for things because I like to change. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. HUGE points for giving us the inside scoop on your fails–you had me laughing, friend! I have fails everywhere I look! The dirt brown tile covering half of the first floor to start with, or how about the builder grade, orange oak kitchen cabinets that I’ve never gotten around to painting (Does that one count? I think it should!). Thanks for the laughs, Florence, and for linking up with Vintage Charm 🙂

  9. There is not enough space to cover all our house fails. I do think I could come to your house and be comfortable – it looks lived in. After a plumbing disaster, our insurance company gave us permission to replace anything damaged. So what did I do? Carefully restored my green and pink downstairs bath and the gray and burgundy one upstairs. DUH! I could have replaced everything. We live in the 1950’s here. And those trendy canvas covers on all the furniture? Yes, pets.

    1. It’s easy to look back on the things you “should have” done because hindsight is always 20/20. Your restorations sound delightful to me. I love those old 50’s bathrooms!

  10. If I were you, I would not change anything in the house. You have a warm and charming house with a traditional vintage look. Look at that lovely pink cabinet! However, those above are just my points of view. Stay healthy and beautiful Florence!

  11. The perfect thing is nothing perfect. It always correct. So you don’t be sad. If you don’t change them, why you know it fails. Change for improvement. Good luck!

  12. Oh God, it is so interesting about your story. My family also had same situation. Many furniture and equipment which aren’t suitable to surrounding space need to be removed. However, there are big controversies among family members. After all, things stay the same. My living room’s sometimes like a mess.

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