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Incredible Thrift Store Haul

What happens when you’re a little dry, a little blue, and a little bored? And you got lots of stuff to do, but don’t want to do it? And you need some inspiration and a little change of scene?? And your hubby is having surgery in a few days, and you better get out now while you can?You head to the thrift store!! Or at least I do anyway. Trekking to the thrift store just about cures all ills. Junkers, am I right?

Hauls From 4 Thrift Stores

I recently made hauls from 4 thrift stores…Yay! I’m thrilled to report to all my followers that I’m doing better! The bones are healing; I’ve graduated from wheelchair to cane, and I’ve felt like getting out this week. Still trying to build up stamina and strength, but I had enough to visit 4 thrift stores on Friday. So I wasn’t directly affected by all those cyber-attacks.
The closest thrift stores had nothing to speak of, so everything I got was from further afield in a little town called Pell City, about 50 miles away. They have a couple of thrift stores and some interesting looking antique shops I’ll check out next time. Not a huge haul, but I was glad to find something. It was a beautiful Fall drive anyway.