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Beneath the Surface Bathroom Decluttering

Beneath the surface bathroom decluttering is a needed project in my Urge to Purge series. Joining with No Place Like Home Bloggers, we are all decluttering and organizing for the month of January. As this week’s challenge is the bathroom, I jumped in because my bathroom hasn’t been really decluttered in 20 years. I didn’t realize I had so much excess because it’s all beneath the surface.

Back to Jail with Ketchup

Back to jail with ketchup

Back to Jail with Ketchup…puns…intended puns. Out of jail for a while, but I went back. You can read all about that here “Out of Jail Thrift Store Hauls.”
Another blogger said one’s problems or ailments should never be aired. On the other hand, someone else said these things help people identify with you. If this is a rule, I’m breaking it, and baring all to you, my friends.
Osteoporosis has reared its ugly head, so I guess I’m playing “ketchup” with my age this year…not that I consider myself “old” yet, but everything hit me early.

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