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Beneath the Surface Bathroom Decluttering

Beneath the surface bathroom decluttering is a needed project in my Urge to Purge series. Joining with No Place Like Home Bloggers, we are all decluttering and organizing for the month of January. As this week’s challenge is the bathroom, I jumped in because my bathroom hasn’t been really decluttered in 20 years. I didn’t realize I had so much excess because it’s all beneath the surface.

Changing the House Fails

changing the house fails

Changing the house fails…what would I change? Many things. For the most part I like our floor plan. I just want more cabinets, and storage. Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I’m really not.
What I really want to change are the things IN the house, and they are changeable, but I’m not motivated…partly because I’m over 60? That’ll do.
A few years ago, we spent big bucks on a decorator to tell what we could do with our problem kitchen.