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Doily Lampshade Makeover with a New Twist and Husband Approved

doily lampshade makeover

While I love shabby chic and admire upcycled lampshades dripping with pearls, studded with tattered fabric roses, and covered in doilies and lace, I knew it wouldn’t fly with my hubby. Just check Pinterest for lacy lampshades if you don’t know what I’m talking about. In doing the next needed restoration, I wanted to try out a doily lampshade makeover – husband-approved. Something where I was getting the look without looking like I was getting the look.

Salvaging an Expensive Lampshade with Men’s Ties

salvaging an expensive lampshade with mens ties

Salvaging an expensive lampshade with men’s ties, you say? Yes! We bought this lamp from Ethan Allan about 20 years ago, and I remember the shock of the price tag at $300! No more Ethan Allan for this cheapskate! You would think a lampshade from a $300 lamp should never deteriorate, but how wrong I was. After 20 years of dust, the inner lining was in tatters, so I tore it off, but it needed