About Me

Square Dancing Mickey & Minnie
Mickey and Minnie Mouse Square Dancers

Avid junker/picker, and occasional dumpster diver. Yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, and poking through trash is my 2nd hobby. I started selling goodies out of the house, and graduated to picking and junking other people’s stuff.


So what’s with the photo? We are retired square dancers and that’s a fun activity if there ever was one!



More Trivia…




As a Southern girl, I love turnip greens, butter beans, mashed potatoes, and okra, of course!


I’m scared of spiders, riding a motorcycle, swimming, and heights.


Favorite movies I can watch again and again~Titanic and Grease. Me, in a nutshell.


Nowadays, I sell on Etsy ….and you can find me here: www.vintagesouthernpicks.etsy.com