7 Ways with Wildflowers

I wanted to share 7 ways with wildflowers in “new” vintage vases that have caused me to break from tradition on bringing flowers inside. I usually prefer to enjoy them in their natural habitat, but I do enjoy them inside when we are going to have guests.


Everything you see here came from yard sales~

Which one do you like best? I can’t decide…


I haven’t shown you the “Roman” picture officially yet, but you can see it down below. That’s coming in the next post. I bought the Hurricane Lantern at the Tiny Estate Sale without the globe or wick…I almost passed on it, but I’m glad I didn’t because it makes a wonderful vase, and when I get ready to make a lantern again, I have all the necessary pieces. The opening is large enough for adding marbles for color.


Picture $3. All the little vintage glass bottles $1. Hurricane lantern base $1. Tablerunner $1. White bottle $1.


When I have my supper club over, I like to decorate with small bottles and little vases so we can see over them to talk. They add a sweet touch to a table.


Here is another arrangement I like which can also be used on a table…

7 Ways with Wildflowers in Vintage Vases
The little glass bottles fit nicely in the spice rack.


All the little bottles fit nicely into a wooden spice rack, which I painted with my own mix…what I call “Beach Blue,” which I created by mixing white with bright blue.


The spice rack had been in my Etsy shop for 4 months like this…

7 ways with wildflowers in vintage vases
The dull brown spice rack











If it doesn’t sell in that length of time, it usually gets a makeover, if possible. Do you like the change? I certainly do! Let’s hope it sells with its new look!


7 Ways with Wildflowers~

  1. Flowers in 4 or more little vintage glass bottles
  2. Flowers in a painted and distressed Seagrams Whisky Bottle or any other decorative bottle
  3. Flowers in front of a dark background like the tin picture to highlight the grouping
  4. Flowers in front of a mirror to reflect the grouping
  5. Flowers in a vintage hurricane lantern
  6. Flower vases in a wooden box like the spice rack or any other wooden box.
  7. Flowers in short vases on top of a colorful tablecloth and placed along the length of a table. If you had enough vases, you could also place one in front of each place setting for each guest to enjoy. I’ve always wanted to do this, but never had enough small vases.


The Wildflowers~


Let’s talk about the wildflowers! These are some of my favorites in arrangements because they last several days. Everything I know about gardening I learned from my mother who learned it from her mother.


The white flowers are Yarrow. I just discovered a pin by Amy at Tenth Acre Farm with some interesting info about Yarrow.


The pink daisy-like flowers with big centers are Pink Cone Flowers of the Rudbeckia family. Black-Eyed Susans (another personal favorite) are also in this family, but aren’t blooming down here yet.


The other reddish flower with a tubular bloom is a Dutch bulb which grows all over the place in my yard (Zone 7). It’s quite pretty, makes a nice cut flower, grows so well and spreads, that my hubby is trying to get rid of it. It’s a losing battle because I like it! Of course, I can’t remember the name of it.


I have seen so many creative uses for flowers on my favorite blogs. I would love to hear your ideas!



8 comments on 7 Ways with Wildflowers

  1. Hi Florence! I love your idea of using small bottles as vases! I often cut flowers from beside the road to bring in the house.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I am now following you on G+.
    🙂 gwingal

  2. I really like how you painted the old spice rack and converted it into a vase holder. How creative you are. I am surprise you are going to sell it but we can’t keep everything can we? The bottle you painted white is also very attractive. All in all I love all the ways you styled the wildflowers.

  3. Florence that is how I also decorate. I never buy flowers. And I am always repurposing soy sauce or vinger bottles as vases. I really like your sugestions.

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