4 Little Makeovers

4 little makeovers have been calling my name! Sorry for the bad light in the basement. I’m blessed to have a great place to work.

4 Little Projects Needing Attention


*Green Adirondack chair for an American Girl doll

*Counter top spice rack

*Seagram’s glass liquor bottle

*White spice rack


The Adirondack chair is a curbside find. Missing an arm, but Gary, “the man who can fix anything,” was able to fashion an exact match! All it needed was paint.


I’ve had the counter top spice rack for sale on Etsy a while, & I admit, it looked dull, so paint here we come!


Liquor bottles are so pretty as a rule. Bought for $1 at a yard sale and repurposed with pretty decals, but still didn’t sell either in my booth or on Etsy. Let’s try paint!


And, the white spice rack…I picked this up at a thrift store for 79¢. It looked beat up, tired and sad, and definitely needed a makeover.


A friend of mine who runs a resale/junk shop says aqua is still trending. Unfortunately, my paint has turned to rubber. But I do have a full can of blue paint/primer. It will have to do.

I’ll mix in some Heirloom White. Perhaps I can get something close to aqua. I love chalk paint, but it is pricey.


Paint Mixing:

*I’ve tried simply pouring from can to can, but that is much too messy.

*I’ve tried spooning with a soup ladle, but decided against that, so

*I used the flat stir stick as a ladle…slow and messy too, but effective. You can’t get an accurate idea of your recipe though.


After mixing in a whole lot of white, the Adirondack chair shines in its new coat of “Beach Blue!” I even like it better than the original factory color. Of course, I’m not biased! But it’s SOLD! Keeping fingers crossed for the spice rack.


Those look nice, don’t you think, Wes? Our buddy Wes, lives in the basement, and has one main interest….EATING! And he lets you know VERY LOUDLY when the bowl is almost empty.

Wes, the basement hermit


I painted the Seagram’s bottle with “Old White” chalk paint allowing it to dry between coats.

Then with fine sandpaper, I distressed to bring out the lovely details. Click here to see an attractive way to use this.

4 Little Makeovers
Seagram’s Bottle


I painted the spice rack in the last of my Old White. For interest, I spray painted the inside and sides of the drawers pink. Finding pretty “Floral Bunches” scrapbook paper on sale at Michael’s,

I measured and cut the paper to fit the little drawer fronts. The trickiest part of this was fitting the paper around the knobs because I didn’t want to piece it.

Fitting the Paper Over the Knob:
  1. I cut the paper in the correct measurements.
  2. Then I placed it over the drawer front marking with pencil where the knob was located.
  3. I folded the paper in half without creasing it, and then cut a slit at the mark.
  4. I was then able to cut out a hole for the knob and fit the paper over it like pulling a shirt over your head.


Application with Mod Podge to the paper and the drawer front finished the job! It adds a sweet shabby chic touch, which I love. Just a little distressing and I’m done. Of all 4 little makeovers, I like this one the best.


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4 Little Makeovers
Shabby Chic Spice Rack


Do you have a favorite? Please tell me about it in the comments!



12 comments on 4 Little Makeovers

  1. Well, ya dun good! It’s funny, I have had that same spice rack that you painted blue. Can’t remember it’s fate. If it sold as is, sat in the “to paint” pile or went the way of a yard sale. Your paint made it pretty. I like that new beachy blue, too. Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. I like all of your projects. My favorites are the spice rack. I like how the pretty paper looks and the painted bottle is a tie with the spice rack. I actually checked my liquor bottles but I don’t have any that would look as good, plus it would take me forever to empty them to do the project. 🙂

    1. Hi Debra, glad you like the spice rack! And I like the liquor bottle too…very pleased with how it turned out. Maybe you can put your liquor in a quart Mason jar…Ha! Then use the bottle! Just kidding…that’s a line in an old Elvis song!

  3. Florence I am a firm believer in the power of paint and your post proves why! The blue you used on the spice rack and chair is beautiful, just the right softness. And the bottle is totally transformed with the paint. I alsolove the mod podged spice rack. They are all beautiful.

  4. These projects all turned out so beautifully. I absolutely love your spice rack. It’s so pretty! Will be keeping my eyes out for one to refinish!

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