15 Steps to an EPIC Yard Sale!

15 Steps to an Epic Yard Sale
15 Steps to an Epic Yard Sale

Learn 15 Steps to an EPIC Yard Sale!…Irresistible to the average person, and if done right, guaranteed to draw a crowd. So HOW  do you do it?

  • Good weather! Rain is a wet blanket, so have your sale on a weekend when no rain is forecast.
  • Write a good ad. See this post for how to write one. Use descriptive words like “hoarder’s, purging, downsizing, multifamily sale.” People look for vintage & junk, so if you have that, tell it!
  • Good advertising is a must. Put your ad in the paper, Craig’s List, and Facebook with plenty of pictures. Write & post your ads days in advance for maximum coverage. You will miss interested people if you wait to post until the night before, or the day of the sale.
  • Timing: NOT 6am! Best time of day to start is 7-8am. Most estate sales begin at 9am, so your customers may be leaving for those sales by 8:30 ish.
  • On the day of the sale, put out lots of signs placed at all turns so buyers can find you. Signs on neon paper are great eye catchers.

    Yard Sale Ad on Neon Paper
    Yard Sale Ad on Neon Paper
  • Not everyone has GPS or even a cell phone, and some people will be out of towners looking for a sale, so your strategically placed signs are invaluable. MAKE THEM LEGIBLE WITH BIG PRINTING!

    what not to say in yard sale ads
    Hard to read sign





  • Signs with humor are also great attention-getters. Like this one…
yard sale sign
Funny yard sale sign
  • Display items on tables rather than a tarp on the ground. You will get more buyers when you have things placed within easy reach. There’s not enough hands when buyers are juggling children, purses, and purchases. I’ve passed up many a bag when I didn’t feel like bending over to go through it.
  • Price everything! Even if you think to yourself, “Why price when I’m going to get hagglers?” Some people do pay full price though. You will sell more if you have items priced. It’s a proven fact.
  • Price to sell! You want to get rid of it? You’re making more room in your house, right? I’ve been to many yard sales where the prices were higher than estate sales, and we KNOW how high those are. Your items might be worth the price, but no one is going to chunk down $50 too readily at a yard sale.
  • Arrange your loaded tables & furniture out in the driveway, where passersby can see you. The more, the better. Have the best stuff out in the driveway closest to the street to attract more people to stop.
  • Clean it! No one wants to pick up an icky thing you’ve had stored in the shed. I wonder what’s going to come crawling out of it.
  • Be ready with lots of cash and change ON YOUR PERSON, rather than running in the house to get it.
  • Display attractively to grab attention!
  • DON’T display your item with a page from Ebay showing what it’s supposedly worth! This is a huge turn-off, and not an accurate gauge of value. Having a figure in your mind of what you want to get is a better way to approach this.
  • Children set up at tables selling doughnuts, cookies, or juice is a nice touch. The serious yard salers get up early & may not take time to eat.
  • Get like-minded friends who also have plenty of junk to join up with you in doing the sale. Remember, the more junk the better!

**What other tips can YOU suggest? Let’s hear ’em!

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  1. You nailed it again. What I hate is to walk up to 2-3 tables not quite full and the seller says she didn’t have time to price anything. It was too much trouble. Having a yard sale is so much work, blah, blah, blah. Sorry, but there’s enough junk in the world without me going to the trouble to ask the price.

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