What I Learned About Selling in a Booth

what I learned about selling in a booth

What I learned about selling in a booth…and the bottom line…is it right for you?
I was in the antique booth business for only 4 years, but it was long enough to figure out whether it was a right fit for me. What did I learn? I learned it took over my life!!!
Excitedly I jumped in with both feet figuring I would have no trouble keeping a booth filled up. After all, it was just a continuation of the vintage items I was selling online, right?? Not exactly.

Hauls From 4 Thrift Stores


I recently made hauls from 4 thrift stores…Yay! I’m thrilled to report to all my followers that I’m doing better! The bones are healing; I’ve graduated from wheelchair to cane, and I’ve felt like getting out this week. Still trying to build up stamina and strength, but I had enough to visit 4 thrift stores on Friday. So I wasn’t directly affected by all those cyber-attacks.
The closest thrift stores had nothing to speak of, so everything I got was from further afield in a little town called Pell City, about 50 miles away. They have a couple of thrift stores and some interesting looking antique shops I’ll check out next time. Not a huge haul, but I was glad to find something. It was a beautiful Fall drive anyway.

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