Beneath the Surface Bathroom Decluttering

bathroom decluttering

Beneath the surface bathroom decluttering is a needed project in my Urge to Purge series. Joining with No Place Like Home Bloggers, we are all decluttering and organizing for the month of January. As this week’s challenge is the bathroom, I jumped in because my bathroom hasn’t been really decluttered in 20 years. I didn’t realize I had so much excess because it’s all beneath the surface.

How I Organize My Ebay Etsy Home Office

how I organize my ebay etsy home office

Today I’m showing how I organize my Ebay/Etsy home office in the Urge to Purge series. Mine is located upstairs in a small loft where I keep desktop, printer, office supplies, and Etsy shop inventory. We are blessed to have a large bedroom, bath, loft, and several unfinished attic rooms upstairs, and it’s all devoted to my business.

Salvaging an Expensive Lampshade with Men’s Ties

Salvaging an expensive lampshade with men’s ties, you say? Yes! We bought this lamp from Ethan Allan about 20 years ago, and I remember the shock of the price tag at $300! No more Ethan Allan for this cheapskate! You would think a lampshade from a $300 lamp should never deteriorate, but how wrong I was. After 20 years of dust, the inner lining was in tatters, so I tore it off, but it needed

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