Determining Value of Vintage Postcards

value of vintage postcards

Vintage postcards are one of my loves, but I don’t really collect them. I’ve just inherited several albums and lots of loose cards. An old album came home with me at an estate sale 3 years ago, and I have wanted to have it evaluated by someone in the know. In all this time, I haven’t decided how to approach selling it…Ebay? Etsy? Sell as is or remove the cards? There is a postcard dealer right here in my hometown. Gary and I visited him and his fascinating

Create Late Summer Color with Hardy Plants in Cool Yard Sale Junk

create late summer color with hardy plants in cool yard sale junk

I know everyone has Fall on the brain, and you’re probably thinking…it’s a bit late to be talking about plants and the growing season. But I wanted to show you how to create late summer color with hardy plants and cool yard sale junk. These will grow anywhere and enhance your yard. Most annuals are either too leggy or burned, especially considering the heat wave this summer. But two plants in the South are still growing and blooming during the hottest part of our Summer heat in August and September.

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