Changing the House Fails

changing the house fails

Changing the house fails…what would I change? Many things. For the most part I like our floor plan. I just want more cabinets, and storage. Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I’m really not.
What I really want to change are the things IN the house, and they are changeable, but I’m not motivated…partly because I’m over 60? That’ll do.
A few years ago, we spent big bucks on a decorator to tell what we could do with our problem kitchen.

15 Ways to Survive Widowhood

15 ways to survive widowhood

Being an over 50 blogger has its advantages. I love the fact that I now have wisdom to impart to help someone else walking the road I’ve walked. Though “15 Ways to Survive Widowhood” isn’t a “fun” topic, it’s part of life that happened to me over 20 years ago. For those walking this road, I totally understand how you feel. And be assured that these steps apply to anyone who has suffered a loss. In my journey of grief, I learned how to survive widowhood, and reach acceptance at the end.

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